Friday, October 29, 2010

Bye Bye, Baby

September 29 . . .
When I heard her calling that morning, I sent Nathan in with the camera. I knew it would be the last morning she would wake up in her baby bed:

Later that day, we set up her big girl bed.

September 30 . . .
In the end, it had to be Isabel from Serena & Lily. It just had to be. It wasn't on the original list, but when I found it, I fell in love (a close friend is sister-in-law to THE Serena--friends in high places, right?):

Buttery yellow silk with crisp white embroidery. Ooh la la.

These Dwell Studio pink sheets from were economical and a perfect match.

Good morning, Sunshine.


  1. I love Dwell Studio! My sister got me a baby blanket 3+ years ago when Nordstrom only carried Dwell. Gorgeous.

    Love the darling big girl bed. Our 3 year old, Lainey, just moved to her big girl bed when we landed in San Diego. No more cribs in this house. Feels weird.

  2. That comforter is stunning! Excellent choice for little Lilly.