Saturday, February 27, 2010

Remember This Day

Thursday. February 25. 2010. A wonderful, ordinary (helicopter excluded) afternoon.

Notes to self--Remember:

Remember how sweet neighbor Carol told us Drury University would be hosting its first home baseball game this weekend. She said the field was soggy and her son (coach) and team had hired a helicopter pilot to hover over the field to dry it. Would we want to watch?

Remember it was just Ian, Lilly, me and the Drury baseball team.

Remember Ian said, "Look, Lilly! It's a GIRL flying that helicopter!" Remember we talked about how girls can do anything boys can do.

Remember this boy did a pretty great helicopter imitation.

Remember we didn't worry about it only being 39 degrees. Remember we went to the adjoining park. We had the whole place to ourselves.

Ian ran, loving the sweet freedom of outside after a long, cold winter indoors.

Remember it was Ian's first time on these particular monkey bars. He got to the top and said to me, "How do I get down, mama?" He figured it out.

Remember these little feet traveled so high, unafraid.

Remember you felt a tiny tinge of pain in your heart when you looked up and saw this brave girl, so far away from you, climbing high all on her own. That pain wasn't fear for her safety. You knew she'd be fine. It was the realization she was growing up.

Remember you didn't know then that, two days later, she'd be almost completely potty-trained.

Remember your surprise at how quickly Ian could scale bars and ladders. Remember how you thought, "He IS ready for kindergarten. He's grown up right under my nose this year."

Remember Lilly kept saying, "Mama, take a picture of me with my dinosaur."

Remember your hands were frozen and it was hard to take pictures.

And you thought . . .

It's okay to have frozen hands. Because this fall, kindergarten will come for Ian, and the start of preschool for Lilly. Today I get to experience the blessing of playing with Bumblebee and Thumbelina in the middle of a frigid Thursday afternoon.

Remember this day.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Remember this bag, made by the fabulous Amy Butler?

My dear, sweet, ever the giving mother bought it for me. I know--she really IS the greatest mom.

Inside the box was this handwritten note from Amy to mom. I'm not into idol worship, folks, but a little hero exaltation never hurt anyone, right?

Who would you love to receive a handwritten note from?

Fill in the blank: it would make my day to hold in my hands the writing of _________.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This girl sparkles with spunk. She exudes it. She is pure sunshine inside and radiates it all over the place.

When she came to my house to play, her brothers were busy playing with Ian while she found the costume basket. I love the combinations she sported:

googly eyes + Captain America suit + Cinderella shoes
Iron Man accessories + Optimus Prime suit
Buzz Light Year wings + an indoor bike ride
Lion visor + astronaut suit

I am still kicking myself for not taking a picture of her in the . . .
Darth Vader mask + Superman suit.

Her mama claims Halle got her personality from an uncle. I know better. Her mama's a spunky gal, too, one of my close friends, a dear person who loves me with all my faults.

Thanks for a fun time, Needham family!

And if you are still with me blog friends, I'm starting plans for a Nintendo Super Mario Brothers birthday party for Ian. Ideas?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

One, two, three, four, five . . . SIX!

He did it again! Six Addy awards. Way to go, sweetie!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pieces of my day

You thought the "pieces" part was figurative, didn't you? I wish.

I also wish I had a before and after photo--not of my floor before and after the snow globe was launched over the sofa, intentionally, I believe--but of the look on my FACE.

Oh, Lilly girl. What a way to end my day. While getting Ian out of the bathtub tonight, I hear what sounds like a PIANO hitting the floor. I come running to find Lilly standing on the sofa, looking down over what I now call the snowglobe-of-Christmas-past.

Oopsie. It was quite the mess to behold. Shards of glass were embedded everywhere, including into the back of my leather sofa, but thankfully, NOT into sweet Lilly girl's skin, the sweet little girl who barely raised her eyes to mine long enough to whisper, "Sorry."

And if you're thinking, "Who lets a two year-old play unsupervised with a heavy glass snow globe?", then I have three questions for you:

1. What, doesn't EVERYone?
2. Whose blog did you think you were reading?
3. Have you ever had preschoolers?

My day was not all that bad, though. It started this morning with a family trip downtown to this place for cinnamon rolls:

I picked up a couple extra to attach to birthday thank you notes. Sweet treats for sweet friends.

Saints be praised! It was a 55 degree day here, so we walked to this downtown coffee shop for some make a man out of ya espresso. Whew-wee.

Back home, we all four played in the backyard (again, hallelujah for the warm weather!) and Miss Lilly Ruth rode on her real, big girl princess bike outside for the first time, with mama's help.

Wow! Are you still with me, dear reader? Well, thanks, now let's wrap up, shall we?

Later, I made a white pocket square for my honey so he'd look like this guy tonight (only hotter, because this guy doesn't help with my dishes or laundry and he'd probably call me ma'am or something). Nathan already has the swanky tie clip (No, not the $75 one from J. Crew, but a $10 one from JC Penney. Who can tell?).:

So where is Nathan tonight that requires suiting and a pocket square? The Addy Awards. The awards he rocks every year. EVERY. YEAR. I am nervous for him. The past three years, he has won about a bazillion of these awards (okay, maybe 20 or so), and I am sure tonight will be no different.

I miss you honey. And not just because I had to clean up the snow globe mess by myself. Good luck, sweet dear. Come home soon.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Camera Strap TLC

Why not give your camera strap the same rock star treatment you give your photos?

A mod black-and-white camera strap cover with luxurious crushed velvet ruffle would certainly match your camera's appearance with your mad photo skills, eh?

Want an easy to follow tutorial?
(I thought you'd never ask.)

Camera strap how-to

First, make a pattern:
Remove the camera strap from your camera, fold it in half, and trace around the widest part of the neck strap (not the slim, fastening ends--those stick out from your strap cover) onto a piece of paper. Measure and draw a line 1/2 inch out from your original tracing on three sides. This will be your seam allowance. Cut out pattern.

With fabric folded in half, place your pattern on top, with the end NOT marked for seam allowance on the fabric fold. Trace your pattern with a sewing marker. With fabric still folded, cut along your tracing line. Repeat again so you have two identical strips of fabric.

Unfold pieces. Hem both short ends of each strip by pressing 1/4" toward the wrong side of fabric, then fold that 1/4" up again and press. Stitch across. Lay aside for now.

Velvet Ruffle:
Cut two strips of velvet about an inch narrower in width than your pattern. As far as length--this part is tricky. Make it SUPER long, because when you ruffle it, it will shorten considerably. After it is ruffled, you can cut it to match the length of your fabric strips.

With right sides together and using a 1/4" seam allowance, sew the two velvet pieces together on the long sides, leaving short sides open.

Turn right-side out.

Make your ruffle by bunching it together as you run it through your machine, first up one long side, then down the other. There is no exact method here, just bunch away and sew. Keep repeating my personal mantra to yourself: "Perfection is boring." (Thanks, Mary Boswell Droddy, my college roomie.)

Lay the long, finished ruffle on one of the fabric strips and cut the ruffle to fit the length of the fabric. Hem short sides of the ruffle.

Pin ruffle on top of the right side of one fabric strip. Sew on top of the lengthwise stitches already on the ruffle, also sewing across at the short ends to secure.

Pin the sewn together ruffled fabric strip to the plain fabric strip, RIGHT sides together. Sew long sides together. Turn right side out.

Nice work! Now go rock the world with your rock star strap, and remember to send me a photo!

15 Years

Fifteen years ago today, a professor who locked the classroom door at 8 a.m. and my propensity for running late (then) made for an almost deadly combination.

Fifteen years ago today at 8:06 a.m., a car accident left me battered, bruised, bloodied, with a concussion and a broken neck.

It would be a long time before I would drive again, and an even longer time before I had the courage to make a left turn in my car.

Fifteen years ago this summer I trekked back to school, SOMI neck brace and all, to complete the incompletes on my grade card. I couldn't take notes, so I brought a recording device to capture class information. I never gave up. Never.

Some anniversaries are worth remembering, especially those in which God grants you a second chance.

How about you? Ever had a second chance at life?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Karissa B.

Five years old today, Karissa--happy birthday! Your mama and I can't believe five years have passed so quickly. You made me laugh when you opened this at your birthday party and said, "UGH! What's THIS?"

Sock monkeys are so goofy, aren't they?

I was very impressed at the way you thanked each guest as you opened presents. What a polite little girl you have become. Have a great day!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love is a Pillowcase

Happy love day, friends. If you are alone today, take heart. One never knows what next Valentine's Day will bring. Give yourself some TLC today in the form of a mocha or your favorite music. xo

Lisa Ridgely--how I adore your exquisite calligraphy. Thank you for the "happy valentine's day" file. As you can see, I happily attached it to my collage, above. I can think of a thousand places to use this! Find it in Lisa's shop here.

Now, about the pillowcase. My mom is known for them. She makes the most beautiful, crafty, creative pillowcases. As a child, I always felt safe and loved sleeping on my pillowcase adorned with tiny red hearts. As a grown-up (is that debatable?), I have washed my Mary Engelbreit case so much it hardly has color left.

In honor of mom and the pillowcases she makes us with love, I sewed her one for her birthday.

She liked it.
She cried.
She even called it "glorious." Glorious: by far my best sewing compliment ever.

Mom, celebrating your birthday with you, dad, J2, Caleb, Nathan, Ian, and Lilly was so special today. You are loved and adored.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Pull up one of these and stay awhile.

Enjoy a cupcake.

This party even has flowers. Smell them?

Let's celebrate today.

Happy birthday, mom.

I love you. LOVE. YOU. I hope your day is fabulous.

Sweet blog reader, celebrate with us today. Many of you know my mama (lucky you). If you do, leave a comment about her on this post wishing her a happy birthday.

Don't know her? Leave a comment about what makes your own mom so special. Oh, and you can also read more about her here.

Don't forget to take a flower and balloon with you on your way out!

Photos from Flickr found here:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

30 Thousand G's

The Craft Hope for Haiti Etsy shop has raised more than $30,000 for Doctors Without Borders in Haiti.

I am SO PROUD of Jade and Craft Hope.

A number of shop items came from an all-star line-up of crafters, unbelievably talented and big-name gals in the biz. Many of these items, like autographed copies of Amanda Soule's book The Creative Family, have already sold.

A few "famous" items remain and will be available through the weekend.

Check out this scarf by the fabulous Vickie Howell. It is featured in the new Craft Hope book to debut in August (YES! The one I'm in, too!!!):

Own this sweet mini-quilt by Kate Hendersen, featured in the soon to be released Pretty Little Mini Quilts by Lark Books.

And, are you sitting down?

Because the shop also holds three bags including this one, made and donated by the genius AMY BUTLER herself. Imagine owning a bag made by Amy Butler. Picture someone walking up to you and saying, "Did you make that?" To which you reply, "No, Amy Butler did. But thanks for asking."

Pinch me, I'm dreaming!

Finally, one more item in the shop . . .

This camera strap cover was made and donated by a regular Joe-anna:


How I tease you. After my "Rock Star Ruffle camera strap cover" listed on the Etsy site this morning, it sold in under one hour. Makes a girl feel special. :)

You wanted it, didn't you? Wink wink.

Head on over to Craft Hope Haiti on Etsy and share the love!

Monday, February 8, 2010

34-25-10: Birthday Recap

Wouldn't it be nice if those were my measurements?

Birthday Recap . . .

years old.

Lunch with mom, dad, and my four. Thanks for the birthday cake, mom and dad (can you guess the icing color?)

and for these lovelies. Roses are my FAVORITE.

pounds lost by my special day. Goal attained. Woot! Woot!

But, just when you thought it was safe to go back in those skinny jeans, you see a photo of your double chin with a side of you and realize you better hit the gym a few million more times.

Ocean Zen dinner. Sushi love. Hawaii-Five-O-MY. Order it next time you visit Ocean Zen. I promise you'll thank me. We shared. Isn't he cute?

years of friendship with this special pal.

Only a 10 year friend would get up while it was still dark on a Saturday morning, ride with me at 6 a.m., lug my junk into the T.V. station ("so your shirt doesn't get wrinkled, Rebekah"), so I would not be alone on the morning of my birthday.

We couldn't resist having our photo taken together at the KY3 news desk.

You could say we go together like news and weather.

Thanks, Robin. And thanks, sweet family and friends for making this 34-25-10 a birthday to remember!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Valetine's Day Goodness

Following are the ideas I presented on the KY3 morning show. Thanks for watching and visiting my blog. Email me with any questions: yeebird[at]gmail[dot]com. Happy Valentine's Day, friends!

Let crayons cool completely. Remove by turning upside down on a soft cloth, so as not to break them.

How about repurposing your Christmas tins into Valentine's Day boxes for the people you love?

1. Spray tins with chalkboard paint. Leave lids on when painting.
2. When dry, fill with treats and decorate with chalk--think sweet nothings, remember whens, secret nicknames. Get creative, Schnookums.

Finally, two lovely ideas from the fabulous Martha (We're not worthy! We're not worthy!):

1. Felt fortune cookies. Find directions here. Just add chopsticks and a romantic evening at home with sushi. Only you and your special someone know what is written on those slips of paper tucked inside.

I'm just sayin'.

2. Valentine candy bags. I altered Martha's version a bit by cutting shapes directly from my photos and adding cutesy sayings. You like? Go here for specifics.

Oh, and did I mention today (February 6) is my birthday?


More on that later . . .

Thursday, February 4, 2010

That Feeling

I am starting to feel all Valentines-ey. So, naturally, this super-fine photo of my honey makes me swoon . . . ahh.

Busy, busy working on Valentine's Day projects for another guest visit to KY3 this Saturday. Check my blog this weekend for some love-ly ideas. Isn't February fabulous?!

What is making your heart skip a beat this Love month?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Dream the Impossible Dream

Sweet Yee, no one told you you had no business being this deliriously cheerful when suffering from a runny nose, chest cough, fever, and the weariness of having just run an errand with mama.

That is what makes you so very special. In your world, the rules are elastic. You rise up to meet a challenge, always with a smile, knowing you can beat it.

Speaking of . . .

You have a few princess get-ups (thank you, grandma):

But, there is one you lack: Snow White.
You love her.
You talk of her dress daily, reminding me how you will get one for your birthday (July).

You are only 2, but you are a problem solver. You know your birthday is far away.

So you developed a plan.

You brought me your Snow White doll. You pointed to her, then to you, saying, "I want to wear THIS dress. Help me take it off Snow White."

You can see it is an impossible fit:

I refused, explaining, it's a tiny doll dress and is much too small for Lilly girl.

This scenario was repeated for several days.

Was I surprised yesterday, when I discovered you in your room, jeans down, diaper off, one foot CRAMMED into this Snow White doll dress, trying with ALL YOUR MIGHT to get the rest of you in it?

No. Not in the least.

Because I get you. I SO get you. You ditched the shoes, the socks. Dress still too small.
So you ditched the jeans.
Still too small.
Then came the diaper.

You get the idea.

If someone won't push the envelope (or their foot into a Barbie-sized dress) for you, you'll do it yourself.

Keep dreaming that impossible dream, sweets. I can't wait to see where your giant goals take you in life.

I love you!

Valentine word art, digital frame: House of 3