Monday, February 8, 2010

34-25-10: Birthday Recap

Wouldn't it be nice if those were my measurements?

Birthday Recap . . .

years old.

Lunch with mom, dad, and my four. Thanks for the birthday cake, mom and dad (can you guess the icing color?)

and for these lovelies. Roses are my FAVORITE.

pounds lost by my special day. Goal attained. Woot! Woot!

But, just when you thought it was safe to go back in those skinny jeans, you see a photo of your double chin with a side of you and realize you better hit the gym a few million more times.

Ocean Zen dinner. Sushi love. Hawaii-Five-O-MY. Order it next time you visit Ocean Zen. I promise you'll thank me. We shared. Isn't he cute?

years of friendship with this special pal.

Only a 10 year friend would get up while it was still dark on a Saturday morning, ride with me at 6 a.m., lug my junk into the T.V. station ("so your shirt doesn't get wrinkled, Rebekah"), so I would not be alone on the morning of my birthday.

We couldn't resist having our photo taken together at the KY3 news desk.

You could say we go together like news and weather.

Thanks, Robin. And thanks, sweet family and friends for making this 34-25-10 a birthday to remember!


  1. This is so sweet :) And I'm loving the necklace! Is it new? A birthday bauble perhaps??

  2. YAY! Relieved to hear you DID have a great day from start to finish. Glad to see your friends are taking care of you. And you look fabulous by the way... You have to give yourself a break and some love. Fab. You. Lous!

  3. happy birthday sweet lady! that pic of your yeedbird is precious. love that blue tongue!
    and you look wonderful! that cream sweater is gorgeous on you...simply beautiful!

  4. Happy birthday! Congrats on the 25 goal - that's awesome! Oh to be 34 again...

  5. happy b-day -- the whole thing (including you) looks fabulous!

  6. Awwww... looks like a lovely day. And those flowers are LOVELY!

  7. Looks like a fantastic birthday! Lilly told me about your "purple" cake!

  8. Hi, Rebekah! So glad to hear you had a lovely day! Happy birthday to you!

    I wish we had gotten to know each other while I lived in Springfield, but I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know you through your blog. You have such a gift for creativity. I love how you are using it to bless others!

  9. Congrats on reaching your goal. And remember the camera adds an extra chin. So don't sweat that one!

    I hope 34 is your best year yet!

  10. OOOPS! Sorry missed your birthday, Sweetie. I have not checked my blog reader in nearly 2 weeks. Trying to catch up the past 3 days (your blog starts with 'Y' for last!)

    I agree with the 34-25 measurements would be nice...the 10 would be a little freaky though ;) Congrats on the weight loss! I found your 25 lbs. Not kidding. I'm outta control. Again. Ugh. My fave Homer Simpson quote, "Why does all the delicious food have to taste so good?"

    It sounds like your special day was PERFECT. Happy 34th!!!

  11. I missed your birthday too! Looked like it was the best! And you look AMAZING! I was going to say "hot" but I think I will save that for your husband! ;)