Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love is a Pillowcase

Happy love day, friends. If you are alone today, take heart. One never knows what next Valentine's Day will bring. Give yourself some TLC today in the form of a mocha or your favorite music. xo

Lisa Ridgely--how I adore your exquisite calligraphy. Thank you for the "happy valentine's day" file. As you can see, I happily attached it to my collage, above. I can think of a thousand places to use this! Find it in Lisa's shop here.

Now, about the pillowcase. My mom is known for them. She makes the most beautiful, crafty, creative pillowcases. As a child, I always felt safe and loved sleeping on my pillowcase adorned with tiny red hearts. As a grown-up (is that debatable?), I have washed my Mary Engelbreit case so much it hardly has color left.

In honor of mom and the pillowcases she makes us with love, I sewed her one for her birthday.

She liked it.
She cried.
She even called it "glorious." Glorious: by far my best sewing compliment ever.

Mom, celebrating your birthday with you, dad, J2, Caleb, Nathan, Ian, and Lilly was so special today. You are loved and adored.


  1. Thank you so much for posting my graphic! The pillowcase is so pretty. I LOVE that fabric and your design! You did such a great job - definitely glorious!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Wow Rebekah. It IS gloroius indeed. What a special gift for your mom. You captured her expression so perfectly in that photo. What a moment! You are so darn talented. Get that etsy shop up and runnin', would ya???

  3. Your mom is too precious for words.
    And yes, my mission trip pillow case is folded up in my closet, perfectly sewn as one would expect from you friend :)