Monday, February 1, 2010

Dream the Impossible Dream

Sweet Yee, no one told you you had no business being this deliriously cheerful when suffering from a runny nose, chest cough, fever, and the weariness of having just run an errand with mama.

That is what makes you so very special. In your world, the rules are elastic. You rise up to meet a challenge, always with a smile, knowing you can beat it.

Speaking of . . .

You have a few princess get-ups (thank you, grandma):

But, there is one you lack: Snow White.
You love her.
You talk of her dress daily, reminding me how you will get one for your birthday (July).

You are only 2, but you are a problem solver. You know your birthday is far away.

So you developed a plan.

You brought me your Snow White doll. You pointed to her, then to you, saying, "I want to wear THIS dress. Help me take it off Snow White."

You can see it is an impossible fit:

I refused, explaining, it's a tiny doll dress and is much too small for Lilly girl.

This scenario was repeated for several days.

Was I surprised yesterday, when I discovered you in your room, jeans down, diaper off, one foot CRAMMED into this Snow White doll dress, trying with ALL YOUR MIGHT to get the rest of you in it?

No. Not in the least.

Because I get you. I SO get you. You ditched the shoes, the socks. Dress still too small.
So you ditched the jeans.
Still too small.
Then came the diaper.

You get the idea.

If someone won't push the envelope (or their foot into a Barbie-sized dress) for you, you'll do it yourself.

Keep dreaming that impossible dream, sweets. I can't wait to see where your giant goals take you in life.

I love you!

Valentine word art, digital frame: House of 3


  1. Ah, the delightful mind of a child! Such sweetness!

  2. good thing momma knows how to work her magic on a sewing machine! Those little legs next to that tiny recing heart!

    too too sweet.

  3. Oh my gosh. "Help me get her dress of." I nearly cried! Sweet baby her final solution.

  4. that pic of her sweet self next to her doll is so precious. We are "doll-less" as you know here in the Bridges household, but I know I can come here for my daily dose of girly.

    Next time I come, I'm wearing a tutu.

  5. super super cute. i need my own tutu, surrounded by my three boys (4 including d ;)

  6. What a great post! Your baby girl is going to need a reminder someday about that impossible dream and love her mamma so much for capturing it eloquently here:)