Monday, March 30, 2009


Ian: When you were born and the nurse placed you in my arms, you stared into my eyes for what seemed like a wonderful eternity. I was instantly, deeply and intensely in love. Who knew it would be possible to love you so much more four years later?

Here's to Star Wars, Spiderman, Superman, Batman, pirates, back rubs, a blue blanket, superhero music, your special letter "I" and all the things that are so you.

Happy birthday, sweet one.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Local Favorite

Recently my friend, Mollie Jessen, told me about a small fabric/crafty store in Springfield called She's Crafty. On my first visit, I was delighted and impressed to find the owner's three young children there with her. It's always inspiring to me to see women balancing motherhood and other aspects of life. This woman is a supermom! I've even seen her cut fabric while holding her youngest. Amazing.

Even more amazing is Anna remembered me when I returned for my second visit. I felt right at home as she asked me what I was working on and showed me her latest finished project. Anna keeps Amy Butler, Alexander Henry, Heather Ross, and other great fabrics in her shop, as well as a wide range of yarns and other crafty things. The place is a gem--visit it on Cherry Street between Glenstone and National.

I finished the baby boy quilt last night for my sweet friend Amy Brake. Most of the fabrics in this quilt and the baby girl quilt pictured yesterday came from She's Crafty. Thanks, Anna!

Friday, March 27, 2009

It's a Generational Thing

Recently I made my first, official, start-to-finish quilt. Quilting was practically a religion to my Ma-maw Huey, and she instilled in me a great respect for the craft. Ma-maw once told me two ladies in her quilting circle at the senior center got into a fist fight over one's stitches being too far apart on a quilt the group was putting together. When I broke into hysterics over the thought of women in their 70's resorting to violence, Ma-maw's face became serious and she let me know it was not funny.

Like I said, practically a religion.

My mother, sewing-extraordinaire-and-perfectionist-extreme (in a good way), taught me to sew. I cannot count the times she has arrived at my door and delivered me from my latest sewing catastrophe (think 'monkey Halloween costume debacle of 2007', mom). She is a gifted, amazing seamstress, and my plan is for as much of her talent to rub off on me as possible!

When I sew on my wonderful Bernina inherited from Ma-maw, using sewing supplies mostly given to me by mom, it means something special to me every time. Seriously. History is significant to me, and I feel each project is a way to say "thank you" to Ma-maw and mom. It's my way of making a statement that what is important to them is also important to me, because of them.

Here are some photos of one of those "thank you" projects, a baby quilt for a friend who was having a girl. I am currently working on a similar quilt for a baby boy.

How do you say thanks to past generations? In what ways do you quietly honor them?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Matthew 5:44 IANterpreted

Nathan was discouraged this evening after a difficult day at work. A client didn't like some of his web design, creating a lot of extra redesign work for Nathan. After Nathan told three-year old Ian of this, Ian had many things to say.

Ian: Don't worry about work tomorrow, daddy. I'm gonna save you. I love you -- MUCH.

Mama: What are you going to do to save daddy?

Ian (enthusiastically): I'm gonna take those work guys and throw them outside and make them get run over by cars.

(Keep in mind Ian is normally a very peaceful child!)

Mama (horrified, yet amused): Ian, that is terrible! We would never want people to get run over by cars!

Ian: Then I'm gonna throw them outside into cold water.

(Okay, a bit better)

Mama: Should we pray for them instead? Should we pray God will change their hearts and help them be kind?

Ian (looking VERY confused): NO, mama! They were mean to my daddy!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rain, Rain, Stay All Day

I am thankful for a perfect day.

Thankful for parents who, when they have vacation time, choose to fill that time with my children (thanks for loving my kiddos all morning, mom and dad).

Thankful for a Starbucks drink, a rare morning treat.

Thankful for time to visit my new favorite fabric store and take home some treasured Amy Butlers.

Thankful for a lunch date with my sweet honey.

Thankful for a soft rain that lulled the children into long afternoon naps so I could finish housework.

Thankful my first-ever tulips, a gift my mother-in-law shared with me months ago, have sprouted outside my daughter's bedroom window.

Thankful for an evening spent outside teaching my children to ride tricycles as Nathan worked on assembling our new swing set.

Today was full of all the things I love.

Check back tomorrow for details about my favorite fabric store, pictures of my latest project in progress, and a shout out to my mama and grandma.

Monday, March 23, 2009

A Memory with Serious Sticking Power

One of my goals is to be intentional about guiding Ian (turning four next Monday) to a place where he can easily learn to read when the time is right. Daddy has a cold today, and Ian had the great idea to make daddy a book to help him feel better. Ian is currently very intrigued with the letter I, so we began each page with an "I" statement. He loves to recognize his letter.

It is amazing what a three-year old can accomplish with an old Pottery Barn catalog, fingers fit for tearing paper, a glue stick, tape, and a ton of stickers. This book is a masterpiece and we will keep it forever. It is also a book Ian can read all by himself, as every word was spoken by him.

Daddy and Ian have a very special bond. I treasure it dearly in my heart as one of our family's greatest possessions. Following is the transcript to Ian's story, then pictures.

The Winners: Daddy and Ian
By: Ian M. Williams
Awards because "he's [daddy's] strong when we wrestle."

I like it when you read to me and play Indiana Jones and play Spiderman.
I like it when daddy and Ian play Luke and Han and Chewy and Darth Vader.
I like it when we play pirates "Yarrrr, Matey!" and when we watch videos together.
I like to play drumsticks with you at grandma's house.

I love rocket ships.

Friday, March 20, 2009


I am officially taking the plunge into the world of blogging. Yes, I realize my immediate family may be the only folks who ever look at it, but still, it gives me a forum for my thoughts, creative loves, family memories, deep concentrations, you get the idea. Yeebird is my online diary, something to say, "I was here." Look around, stay awhile, and do something kind for yourself today.