Monday, March 23, 2009

A Memory with Serious Sticking Power

One of my goals is to be intentional about guiding Ian (turning four next Monday) to a place where he can easily learn to read when the time is right. Daddy has a cold today, and Ian had the great idea to make daddy a book to help him feel better. Ian is currently very intrigued with the letter I, so we began each page with an "I" statement. He loves to recognize his letter.

It is amazing what a three-year old can accomplish with an old Pottery Barn catalog, fingers fit for tearing paper, a glue stick, tape, and a ton of stickers. This book is a masterpiece and we will keep it forever. It is also a book Ian can read all by himself, as every word was spoken by him.

Daddy and Ian have a very special bond. I treasure it dearly in my heart as one of our family's greatest possessions. Following is the transcript to Ian's story, then pictures.

The Winners: Daddy and Ian
By: Ian M. Williams
Awards because "he's [daddy's] strong when we wrestle."

I like it when you read to me and play Indiana Jones and play Spiderman.
I like it when daddy and Ian play Luke and Han and Chewy and Darth Vader.
I like it when we play pirates "Yarrrr, Matey!" and when we watch videos together.
I like to play drumsticks with you at grandma's house.

I love rocket ships.

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