Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rain, Rain, Stay All Day

I am thankful for a perfect day.

Thankful for parents who, when they have vacation time, choose to fill that time with my children (thanks for loving my kiddos all morning, mom and dad).

Thankful for a Starbucks drink, a rare morning treat.

Thankful for time to visit my new favorite fabric store and take home some treasured Amy Butlers.

Thankful for a lunch date with my sweet honey.

Thankful for a soft rain that lulled the children into long afternoon naps so I could finish housework.

Thankful my first-ever tulips, a gift my mother-in-law shared with me months ago, have sprouted outside my daughter's bedroom window.

Thankful for an evening spent outside teaching my children to ride tricycles as Nathan worked on assembling our new swing set.

Today was full of all the things I love.

Check back tomorrow for details about my favorite fabric store, pictures of my latest project in progress, and a shout out to my mama and grandma.

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