Friday, August 27, 2010


Do you believe in signs?

Not that I was wondering if we had chosen the right preschool for Lilly, but even so, when I saw THIS at meet-your-teacher yesterday, I knew. This, just outside her classroom:

This magical, wonderful place she absolutely adored. This place where she cried when it was time to leave. This school that has chosen Disney as its theme for the year, so all her friends came to the party--Mickey, Minnie, Jessie, Woody, Buzz, Simba, Aladdin, and of course, the princesses.

She was such a big girl, insisting she could open her own backpack and fill her new school box; her very own cubby.

She wants so badly to be big. I want so badly for her to stay small, just a bit longer. But, I am excited about where life will take her this year!

Where is life taking YOU this year?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Ian's kindergarten report so far--"awesome."

On day 1 he told me:
"Mom, if you have a bus sticker on your shirt, you ride home on the bus. If you have a smiley face sticker, you ride home with your pants."

On day 2 he chose a wife and crowned himself captain of the "good" boys.

Heaven knows what day 3 will bring.

How is your school year shaping up?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten

Doing the first day of school breakfast at our house was a lifesaver. Ian sat up in bed at 6:30 a.m. and said, "Are my friends here yet?" The breakfast made him excited about the first day of school and made for a lightning fast getting ready process!

He did great at kindergarten. We did alright.

I was fine until he stopped coloring, looked up at me, and put his hand to his cheek for a few moments. If you've read The Kissing Hand to your child then you know what that means and what Ian was communicating to me. (and you know why I almost fell apart right then and there)




Already making friends. Already finishing his first kindergarten drawing. My hero, once again. Daddy and I made it out the door before we cried. Nathan said he planned on being in a low-grade weep all day.

I am proud and thankful, but--is it 2:45 yet?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Thousand Ian W.'s

Ian's new kindergarten teacher has but one test to pass when we meet her tomorrow:

This is the note Ian made for her, and if her answer is yes, it is going to be a good year.

Yep. Tomorrow is Meet Your Teacher, in preparation for the first day of school on Tuesday. I spent the afternoon labeling school supplies. Lilly's preschool requires her name on every single marker and crayon (Meet Your Teacher is Thursday for her).


It wasn't all the Lilly W.'s I wrote today that sunk my ship--it was all those Ian. W.'s I wrote on kindergarten school supplies. Preschool is cake. But, kindergarten. Whew. The note to teacher from Ian is written and packed. The first day of school teacher gift is purchased. The cutest little rest mat and lunch box are labeled with his name, as are 16 Crayola crayons, a watercolor set, glue, pencils and scissors. New school clothes are neatly tucked away waiting to be worn for the first time.

Everything is ready.

Everything except Nathan and me. We are blubbering messes--true Kindergarten Babies. We're going to make it through Tuesday, right friends? RIGHT?

Encourage me, please.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sweetness Comes in Pairs

When I entered the dance studio today for the first time ever to sign Lilly up for classes, I know I had "sucker," I mean, "dedicated mother" written all over my face.

For the little girl who lives for gymnastics day during the week, and has asked to take "dancing class" and especially ballet ever since she could utter the words, it was time.

I couldn't resist the official tap shoes or the leather ballet slippers.

Lilly was convinced the hosiery they gave her to try on the shoes was special, so she is still wearing said hosiery.

I am convinced sweetness must come in pairs.

Come September 1, Little Miss is going to be very busy--gymnastics, dance, and preschool--and my prayer is, very happy too. Sometimes, the world just doesn't seem big enough to hold all of her GIANT dreams.

Keep dreaming BIG, my love. I promise to do all I can to help you achieve those dreams.

And may they always come in pairs.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lightsabers on the Cheap

colored paper
younglings (children in jedi training, for all you non-Star Wars geeks)

Tape paper into tubes. Slide flashlight into one side.

This provided two hours of entertainment for my family tonight.

Countdown 6 days to kindergarten. Today the lump in my throat wouldn't go away. Darn you lump. Darn you kindergarten. Darn you guilt that comes with motherhood.

A fierce lightsaber battle helped me release some tension.

And yes, I am wearing a princess crown. In the realm of accessorizing, mama does what Lilly says. Period.

Any lumps in your throat today?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

St. Louis

First of all, THANK YOU for voting in the Lilly's big girl bedding election. I am processing your wonderful ideas and will keep you posted.

We returned home yesterday from a quick two day trip to St. Louis. Wanna see?

We spent most of day one at the Magic House. It is an amazing place where children can pretend, imagine, play, climb--you name it--all things my children adore. It's also been around a long time. I used to go there as a child growing up in the city. Fond memories.

JFK re-enactment by Ian in the Oval Office. Great idea, Nathan.

Is anyone else terrified at this thought: ??

Now, a much happier thought: careers in medicine would be fine with this mama.

I'm looking glazed over in this one. Must be about lunchtime.

Speaking of which, Lilly had some manic moments at Qdoba, but she recovered.

That night, we headed to Nathan's sister's house for dinner, bringing a chocolate torte and flowers. Happy 40th birthday, Aunt Amy!

We tackled the City Museum on day 2. I think Nathan said it best . . .
"I'm not sure if that place is brilliant engineering or just totally psychotic."

Either way, it's the talk of the city and an absolute thrill climbing ten stories through wrought iron/metal junk welded together in an insane combination. Yes, that is a bus hanging off the roof. Yes, you can go in it.

"We LOVE the City Museum!"

Thanks for going with us Uncle Charles (and for holding my stuff). You were a lifesaver!

Now, for the worst hair 2010 on a blog post. Oh well, it proves I made it to that crazy airplane suspended about 6 stories in the air (Lilly did, too. What a girl!). The boys went all the way up.

You see what YOUR hair looks like contorting and climbing through six stories of metal in 150 degree heat. Anyway.

The City Museum is crammed full of cool stuff inside, too. Floor two is the World Aquarium. The animals were all a little um, disturbed. Here, see us climbing THROUGH the shark tank. They were circling us. Bigtime. They know a meaty gal when they see one.

On the right is a baby stingray that kept itself vertical to the wall, seemingly trying to escape. At the bottom is a huge tortoise who beached himself on a large rock, also trying to escape.

Can't say I blame them. Note to City Museum--take care of your animals!

We wrapped up the trip with dinner at Fitz's, an old soda bottling spot across the street from Blueberry Hill on the Delmar Loop.

What's not to like about a place with happy smile fries?

What was your favorite travel spot this summer?

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Happy 14 birthday to my nephew, Caleb. I think Ian said it best:

We all like Caleb.

We had a blast at his annual birthday pool party. The green goggles had to make their appearance again.

So did Ian's white bum every time he'd climb out of the water. Hilarious. Beanpole.

And because no birthday party post is complete without the token cutie eating a cupcake

and the resulting icing all over her face, her ya go.

I promise there were more people at the party, but who wants a photo of self in a bathing suit on someone's blog? Certainly not me.

Happy birthday to a young man who is an EXEMPLARY role model for my children. For that, Caleb, I love you all the more.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Election Day in Yeetown

So close! I almost got this blog post up and running on election day. If you failed to make it to the polls yesterday to vote in government elections across this country, here is a chance to redeem yourselves. Well, almost and sort of. It IS a chance to vote, nonetheless, and for something infinitely cuter . . .

Lilly's big girl bedding. She is three now. Time for the baby crib to go. By the way, for a peek at Lilly's current room, click here.

Helpful info: Lilly's big girl bed is white wrought-iron, size full, and belonged to my great-grandparents.

Candidates include:

1. Leela from Pottery Barn Kids
Why I like it:
Includes blue, and Lilly's furniture is white with a blue wash over it. It is sweet and simple, and I could find a solid colored pink quilt pretty cheap elsewhere to go with. Also, the curtains in the picture are very similar to the curtains already in her room, so, you know, that goes.

And that whimsical bedskirt, well, it might involve selling a kidney, but I think it is a must-have. Money isn't growing on trees or anywhere else around here, besides, the garden is pretty much dead except for the tomatoes, but still.

2. Doll Dresses from Land of Nod
Why I like it:
The old-fashioned look goes with the iron bed, I think. Also, it's just very Lill. She spends all day dressing up and I think she would swoon over the teeny dresses.

3. Brooke from Pottery Barn Kids
Why I like it:
Fun, bright, incorporates blue, another must-have bed skirt, cheap knock-off owl pillows available at Target.
Why I do not like it:
A. Would I get tired of it? B. It is back-ordered until the end of September. Boo.

4. Bedding of Roses by Land of Nod
Why I like it:
Okay, now, seriously--doesn't this just scream little girl sweetness? The ruffles. To die for. It's also available in yellow (I like that better, actually), but if you know Lilly, it has to be PINK.

A close-up.

5. Kaleidoscope by Land of Nod
Why I like it:
Bright. Nathan thinks bright when he thinks of Lilly. (psst--he doesn't like my other choices!)

Any other ideas? Bright ideas, maybe?

Please take the time to vote today.

Disclaimer: I have yet to ask Lilly her opinion, and that MAY ultimately be the only vote that counts.

Thanks, faithful citizens of Yeebird! Smack! That's me placing a big "I Voted" sticker on your forehead.