Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Thousand Ian W.'s

Ian's new kindergarten teacher has but one test to pass when we meet her tomorrow:

This is the note Ian made for her, and if her answer is yes, it is going to be a good year.

Yep. Tomorrow is Meet Your Teacher, in preparation for the first day of school on Tuesday. I spent the afternoon labeling school supplies. Lilly's preschool requires her name on every single marker and crayon (Meet Your Teacher is Thursday for her).


It wasn't all the Lilly W.'s I wrote today that sunk my ship--it was all those Ian. W.'s I wrote on kindergarten school supplies. Preschool is cake. But, kindergarten. Whew. The note to teacher from Ian is written and packed. The first day of school teacher gift is purchased. The cutest little rest mat and lunch box are labeled with his name, as are 16 Crayola crayons, a watercolor set, glue, pencils and scissors. New school clothes are neatly tucked away waiting to be worn for the first time.

Everything is ready.

Everything except Nathan and me. We are blubbering messes--true Kindergarten Babies. We're going to make it through Tuesday, right friends? RIGHT?

Encourage me, please.


  1. RIGHT! You'll get so much joy from walking through new school experiences with Ian... seeing his progress, both academic and social; becoming proud of how he'll *most certainly* endear himself to teachers and staff; and enjoying that one-on-one time with Lilly that you once had with Ian. I don't minimize your emotions at all (I'm having some degree of them myself!). But I've found each stage of my girls' childhood to have more joy than I could've ever foreseen. Hang in there, friend!

  2. Haven't tackled this yet, so really don't feel I have much wisdom to share. I just picture Ian holding your hand as you walk into school together on the first day. Like every step in the journey, we make it through holding our Father's hand. You will too as you remember He is beside you as you say goodbye to Ian for the first day. And the good news? The Lord is so mighty He goes with you, but also stays with Ian!

    On another note, what is UP with the anal, name on every crayon/marker rule at Lily's preschool. It makes my fingers hurt just thinking about it. I think that may have been a deal breaker for this little Mommy. :)

  3. Good luck Nathan and Rebekah. It will be hard, but think of how excited you have been for all his other accomplishments. He will be so excited and your joy for him will overrule any sadness!

    And if not, just make Nathan take you out for some Andy's. Pretty sure that cures anything.

  4. you will do fabulously :)
    school is a great gift to give our kids
    all those life skills to be learned and friends to make. some of my best friends were made in elementary school. yours too?