Friday, September 25, 2009

Almost Time

It's 8:15 a.m. and Ian's not up yet. Don't know what to do without my little buddy awake this late in the morning! (OK, yes I do--mow, make oatmeal pancakes, pack, because . . .)

It's almost time for Disneyworld! Everything and everyone in this house are abuzz about it.

Any Disney travel tips/flying with children tips you could share?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Most Moms

Most moms wouldn't call themselves a "Super-Mega-Poop-Head" to their children.
But I'm not most moms.

And sometimes, I truly can be a

I'm not afraid to admit this.

When I've wronged my kids, been in a mood, just been flat grumpy all day, I tell them so, and I ask their forgiveness. And I use terms they can understand. Trust me, a 4 year old boy understands Super-Mega-Poop-Head.

Today was one of those days.

I took Ian's hands in mine and asked if he would pray with me to ask God to help me stop being a Super-Mega-Poop-Head. Because on days like this, only God can derail that mama train.

Ian said yes. And it went something like this:

"Dear God. Please help mama stop being a Super-Mega-Poop-Head. Amen."

And he laughed. (Ian, not God)
And I laughed.
And you know what?

It worked.
God answers prayers.

What do you do when you have one of those days?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gift+Card for a Domestic Goddess

Happy birthday to my sweet friend Robin, Domestic-Goddess-Extraordinaire. Seriously, she's amazing--she even has her own very successful chocolate/cake/candy business--see it here.

A homemade pleated apron is the perfect gift for such a friend. Don't you agree? Looking forward to giving her this gift tomorrow! (Nanny's vintage rolling pin not included.)

Snagged this apron pattern and tutorial free online here. If you've never been to Darby Stickler's blog, prepare to enjoy and add her to your "Favorites" list forever. While you're visiting, you'll find an entire list of fun tutorials. Don't you just LOVE the blogosphere!

A handmade gift needs a handmade card, right? And since Moxie Fab World is having an Around the House challenge, this sewing machine card fit in just right. Click here to see the amazing entries. You just might be inspired to enter the contest, too!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Grandpa's Message

Tape frame: Kitschy Digitals
Chalk is temporary. This blog is forever. (haha)
Grandpa's message: documented.

Thanks for keeping all four grandkids tonight, mom and dad. They loved sidewalk chalk, playing Beatles Rock Band, and jumping on the trampoline.

Random things to remember from today:
1. Lilly officially jumped for the first time--both feet completely off the ground.
2. I gave up on my mission to grow Ian's hair long. He got quite the cut today. His stylist (sounds funny for a four year old, yeah?) said his hair is so thick, it grows out instead of down. Oh well. He's perfect, so, short hair must be perfect too, right?

Random recommendation:

Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD.
Buy it today.
Within 2 weeks, your child just may know all his letter sounds.
Thank you, Sara, for the mention of it on your blog this summer that led me straight to B&N to purchase it.

What random, memorable thing happened to YOU this week?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Secret Spilled

Hello, blog friends.

Remember this post--when I said I had a wonderful, amazing secret?

I now have permission to whisper my secret to you. I have the awesome honor to be one of the designers in the new Craft Hope book, being published by Barnes & Noble, and out in August 2010.

I know that lately I've seemed like a walking, typing, Craft Hope commercial. The truth is, it's just something I believe in so much, and it's nearly impossible for me to keep my mouth shut on things I'm excited about.

Speaking of being excited . . .
Jade Sims' nursery was featured on Ohdeedoh, and guess what? My baby block/ball set was one of the featured photos. Okay, so my name wasn't mentioned on the actual Ohdeedoh site, but it links to Jade's blog and she links to mine, so, you know, take what you can get, right?! :) Check it out here.

Feeling so very thankful for many things these days.
What are you thankful for today?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mirror Image and Tea Cup Party

Sometimes I think my heart will melt.
Ian and Lilly ran to stare at their costumed-clad selves in the mirror. Ian was so excited for Lilly to see herself, and she was so proud.
Something tells me Halloween will be a letdown for my kids this year. Since they spend every day in costumes (well, Ian does), they might wonder what all the fuss is about!
To visit a couple of my favorite Halloween idea sites, click here and here.

And today, at Lilly's "tea cup party," I thought it would melt again.

Never mind that it was a commercial shoot for Sunshine Eye Clinic (so goes the life of a Creative Director's daughter).

And never mind that daddy had to wear fake eyeglasses for the commercial.

It was a magical time in Lilly's own room with daddy, and she talked about her "tea cup party" the rest of the day.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Meeting Mona: A Wildlife Photo Essay

We first saw Mona hiding among the trees.

She wasn't sure about us, so we cautiously approached.

When Mona realized she could trust us, she came in for a closer look.

And when Nathan asked if he could take her picture, well, you can see she was flattered, if not a bit self-conscious.

Mona wanted to be sure we captured her good side.

Suddenly, the sock monkey's natural instincts began to emerge, and Mona couldn't get enough of mugging for the camera.

Oh, Mona. Now you're just showing off!

I think she'll be just perfect for a child burn victim at this camp who needs a special friend, don't you? I'll be sending Mona on her way tomorrow.

Have you checked out Craft Hope lately to see how you can help a child?

Check out this site for a helpful sock monkey pattern.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Blog Hop: Day 2

Thanks for stopping by again!
Triple the Sketch 75: You are my Cutie Patootie

Paper: background and wood grain--DCWV Green Woodland Adhesive chipboard: "You are my Cutie Patootie"--K&Company, Urban Rhapsody
Overlay: Hambly Screen Prints
Ticket: My Mind's Eye--Lighten-Up, Baby!
Rub-ons (brown, bottom right corner): Pink Paislee--enchanting press-ons
Buttons and ribbon: my stash

Sketch 76

Special thanks to Jacque, sweet blog reader of mine, for requesting this canvas wall hanging for her niece in California! Isn't India just a DOLL?!
Canvas: Master's Touch
Paper: Basic Grey-Phoebe
Rub-ons: Hambly, Basic Grey and Rub-on Quote Stack, Friendship Ribbon and lace: my stash
Gems: The Paper Studio
Flowers: Prima
Paint: Anita's Acrylic
"India and Prince" font: Scriptina

Next stop on the hop is Susan. Happy Saturday, bloggies!

Firsts--Blog Hop and ki Memories Challenge

"Jumping" in to my very first blog hop (and it's a two day-er!). If you've hopped over from Patter's blog, welcome. This blog hop commemorates the end of Triple the Sketch. We will miss you!
Here we go . . .

Triple the Sketch #73
Birthday card I created for a sweet friend.

Paper and chipboard flowers: K&Company--Classic K mini book kit
Fabric: pink tulle
Stickers: 7Gypsies--Time Temps
Ink: Colorbox Chalk--Chestnut Roan
Green gem: Paper Studio
Tape frame: Kitschy Digitals

Triple the Sketch #74
Digital layout (thanks, Nathan, for the Photoshop helps! I learned so much!). Love how we tricked out one of our photos to make a background.

Jenn Johner's doing a fun challenge for ki memories to go BIG with photos. This works, right? Check it out here! And have a look around her blog, too. She's fabulous--definitely one of my favorites!

Tickets: House of 3
Filmstrip frame: free download here:
Font: Nashville, CK Ali's Handwriting
Background: my photo, "tricked out" in Photoshop
Software: Photoshop

Next stop, Susan's blog (wait till 7 a.m. central to leap--official start time). Click here to jump on this bandwagon and, if you would be so kind, leave her a comment letting her know you visited.

Tomorrow I'll feature two new scrapping projects for part deux. See you then!
p.s. am i doing this right?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day weekend

Breakfast on the porch at Indian Point, overlooking Tablerock Lake.
No fighting. No whining. No wrestling one another to the ground over a grape (although that may have come a few minutes later. May.), all made for Nathan capturing some amazing shots.

So much fun was had this weekend. So many laughs. SO many. I am reminded what a blast it is to be away with mom and dad.

During the trip, dad told us about a recent article citing a link between skinny hips and dying young.
Me: "Geez, I'm headed for 250."
Mom: "I'm approaching immortality."
And since the purpose of this blog is to document my life journey, that quote has made it in.

More photos from this weekend:

Here's to immortal hips, coronary burgers, and a beached Nathan at White Water.
Thanks, mom and dad. We love you.

Anything interesting you'd like to share here about your fun weekend?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Ian's Amazing Alphabet

Letters, letters, letters. We've practiced, practiced, practiced all summer, and he's got it!!

I made this box from an Underoos container (I know, another one) to hold Ian's magnetic letters and alphabet cards. Begin by cutting 26 cards from patterned paper. My cards are 3" x 6". Next, choose something of your child's that begins with each letter of the alphabet. You might also choose an action (E--eat, use photo of Ian eating). Using Photoshop or letter stickers, place the name of the object on the photo. Glue photo to one side and attach a letter sticker to the other side. Use daily for letter practice.

A fun touch--I attached magnetic strips in the bottom of the container so Ian and I could build words inside with our magnetic letters. Exciting, yeah?!

Supply info can be found at Triple the Sketch (this project will be there on Saturday). Container cover based on Sketch 72. Have fun playing with this unique sketch and enjoy the holiday weekend!


Motivation is choosing a superhero sticker every time you write your name.

And now, a conversation in the van on the way home from the mall (sidenote: where the kids rode up the "excavator" (Ian) and down the "alligator" (Lilly):

Out of the blue, riding along . . .

Lilly: Daddy old.
Lilly: Daddy old.
Ian: No, Lilly, daddy's not old!
Ian: Well, daddy's a little bit old.

Bless Nathan's heart. He never said a word.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Prayer for You

Layout based on Triple the Sketch #71. Shimmerz--purple and yellow, sparkly, paint, easy application--what's not to like?

Create your own layout of the sketch and enter it for a chance to win some fun Shimmerz shtuff.

Oh, and if you've never prayed straight Scripture for your kiddos, I highly recommend it, especially during those yuck times when we feel completely powerless and need divine intervention!

First Day of School

Summer mornings spent like this:

Wearing Superman underoos, donning a makeshift cape, holding Lovey, watching Clifford and Sesame Street;

Will now be replaced with this (well, just 2 days a week):

Preschool started up again yesterday.

Let me just say, CLOTHES are POWER. He chose his first day of school shirt. Never mind that this Bumblebee Transformers shirt is a hand-me-down from friends, slightly faded. To him, it's wardrobe gold, and he felt the power in it. That's worth more to me than any "cute" outfit I could put him in.

I got that sick feeling in my stomach as I walked away. He entered his room fine, but I always (privately) struggle. Judge me, if you want. It's who I am!! And I have a hunch I'll have that same feeling when he starts kindergarten, middle school, high school, college . . .

Know what I mean? Do you have that same knot in your stomach when your baby starts school?