Sunday, August 30, 2009

In Flight

Happy to be visiting my friend! Click here to see me at Jen's.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

Because Hope is Worth it

You've gotta do this.
Seriously. If you've ever sewn a stitch in your life, please do this.
Scroll to Project 4 and read. Then, start to work on a sock monkey for these tiniest of burn victims, right here in the U.S. of A.

Because HOPE really is worth it, and being a part of the awesomeness that is Craft Hope is just completely amazing and bigger than yourself.

Ms. Jade Sims, Craft Hope creator and Queen, as I call her, has become my friend this year. She is about to have a sweet baby, all in the midst of finishing up her book details (way to go, Barnes & Noble, for publishing a Craft Hope book).

I had to send her some baby goodies to match her nursery:

And make a coordinating card, too. This one followed a sketch from Triple the Sketch.

Blessings to you, Craft Hope Queen, to your sweet baby, and to all you girls out there getting your craft on for this great organization!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chocolate Cupcakes, Superfriends, 36"

Made those chocolate cupcakes to cheer up Emilia. (looks like Lilly was also uplifted)
Delivered them, along with the drawing of Gus in heaven with Jesus. Which led to this.

Funny thing is, these two ran in and suited up without mamas knowing. Hilarious when they burst out into the backyard in these get-ups.

Of course, Lilly is not easily outdone.

TigerLilly: "RRRAAAAAHHHH!!!"

We had a beautiful time at Silver Dollar City today. Loving 80 degree weather in August.
Like it that brother was showing sissy how to press the button to make the butterfly fly.

And want to remember (or forget, really) these signs:

For a 34"ish sized little gal, the summer of 36" rides has been tough. We dealt with it at the fair, and now Silver Dollar City. She waits in line, and, sometimes, an operator will look the other way, but other times, a tearful, very unhappy Lilly has to walk away, rideless. And no amount of "naaacks" can suffice.

But, isn't she beautiful?

And isn't he handsome?

Want to help yourself feel happier?
Start a blog.
Post all your happy photos and write about them.
And maybe, just MAYBE, all the bad stuff of the day that you did and said and felt and wallowed in will slink into the background of your thoughts, and you'll realize: I have a pretty stinkin' great life.
In that moment, there is happiness.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

All Dogs go to Heaven

Jesus and Gus.
Doesn't get any sweeter than this . . . a picture Ian made today for his precious most awesome friend ever/neighbor Emilia. Gus went to doggy heaven today, and Ian wanted to make her feel better. My fave part? You guessed it--Jesus, all Ian's idea to add Him. We'll deliver the drawing tomorrow, with some homemade cupcakes -- chocolate with chocolate frosting, and sprinkles--LOTS, of course! Hopefully, Miss Emilia will smile.

Woe is me. No camera tonight at the Cards ballgame. It was Star Wars night and Ian went dressed as "Orange Luke," blue light saber at the hip.
He dueled with several boys who also had light sabers.
He white-knuckle gripped daddy's hand when a sandperson passed by.
He battled with mascot Louie.
And on the way out, he defeated Darth Vader who was guarding the exit. It was a light saber duel to go down in history [orrrr, the bottom of the fourth].

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Photoshop Brushes, etc.

or, the extended title: Photoshop brushes/Keeping my Sanity/Bragging Rights/Things I Love/Mama Memories/Ian's Alphabet

1. Photoshop brushes
Wish I played more with brushes. Here, I played a little with some pictures from yesterday.

2. Keeping my Sanity
To my book club ladies:

So fun. So good to laugh. So not snooty. So much a favorite thing I do each month.
We should be a panel on Crossfire, what with all of our extremely different political views. But instead, we're a group of ladies who love and respect one another and appreciate our differences. Carol: thank you for putting such a wonderful group of ladies, now friends, together almost two (has it been 2 yet?) years ago.

3. Bragging rights
Check out this site Nathan designed and developed. Incredible!!! Went live tonight.

4. and 5. Things I love/Mama Memories:
  • Coming home to a sweet honey who has the children in bed. Asleep.
  • Going in to kiss my sweet Ian on the cheek. Love that last little sugar of the night. Such a warm, sweet cheek, your precious mind at rest for the day.
  • Lilly waking up after a couple hours asleep, and, even though she loves her daddy so dearly, it's ME she wants. All mama. And when I come in to hold her, she is instantly comforted, and we sit in the dark and rock in the glider. As a bonus, she pats mama on the shoulder as she softly says, "Need drink (dink)." It's almost as if she knows I need this as much as she does.
  • I say to myself, "Rebekah, remember this."
6. Ian's alphabet
For some reason, little 'a' often wants to go the direction of little 'n' in Ian's name. So, now, scandalously, little 'a' tries to kiss big 'I' every time Ian writes his name. So of course, she goes toward 'I' instead of away from it. Seems to be working.

Since the local school system uses D'Nealian handwriting, I was excited to find this site. For my in town friends, check it out if you have a child about to start kindergarten. Click on "First Alphabet" on the left side and it provides D'Nealian worksheets and letter practice ideas.

Speaking of, parents of preschoolers, check out this article. Let's make sure our kids still play, okay?

Working on an annual freelance editing project right now--takes up lots of my fun time. It will be over soon and I will start feeding Yeebird again, daily.

Happy day, everyone.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Material Girl

So much summer fun happening around here. Lots of playing with the neighbor children (Melissa--loved that you guys turned on Michael Jackson tunes for the dancing), turning our backyard slide into a water slide with the hose, swimming at the pool, and tonight, going to Caleb's 13th birthday party.

And, remember this post? (scroll to bottom of post) I've been sewing all week, getting my things finished for this secret project. I so wish I could reveal -- maybe soon.

Anyway . . . today (Saturday) is my debut at Triple the Sketch. For all who linked from that site, here are more photos of my mini-album, Material Girl. It's a collection of some of my favorite sewing projects, with some pages of InStyle mixed in for fun.

Enjoy the last of summer, everyone!

P.S. Did I mention I'm going to DISNEYWORLD?!!! More on that later!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Thought I'd share Nathan with you all today. I so love his tweets. Here's a glimpse of my funny-honey:

My tooth thanks you, God, for enamel. My coffee cup does not.
Hot coffee, photo treatments for a friend, Prospekt's March in the 'phones. I win.I'm soaked. But I have free Sbux.T-shirt at church: "Video games ruined my life. Good thing I have two extra lives.""Don't you PUT that evil on me, Ricky Bobby!!"Romo and Simpson split! WE'RE GOIN' TO THE SUPER BOWL, 'BOYS!!
Let's not call today "Monday." Let's call it "BlisteringAssaultofaDay."Big Web day ahead. Lots of video chats between here and Austin. Now, if only I could get my programmers out of bed...When used to designing on a Mac, a PC makes design feel like someone's stomping on the brakes every couple of minutes...Us: "Happy birthday to you, happy birthd--" // Lilly: "Doh-wannit!!"Boss just bought Andy's for everyone. I declined. I feel victorious. And terribly sad.HOLY COW. "Jaws" is playing all week at the Palace! I've NEVER seen this on the big screen. AWE. SOME. Bring on the shark!Sporting a brand new car today! And by "car" I mean "flip-flops."Hard morning's work. Home now with kiddos. Sprinkler is mos def part of the afternoon...come on home, sweetie!
Two things: 1) Ian jumped off the diving board for the first time; 2) I eliminated nigh unto thousands of Japanese Beetles. A good night.Monday happened, like, all over the place today.Yesterday, Ian learned to jarring phrase heard today: "...robotic gynecological surgery..."Tastes never to be combined: vinegar and coffee. Don't ask HOW I know; just accept THAT I know.:90 script clocks in at 3 min, 45 sec. Think anyone will notice?Rebekah rocks. Just try to keep up, ladies: I say and do is being displayed on a huge monitor in a conference room...pretty sure I feel a booger.

Monday, August 10, 2009

DIY Puppet Stage

A Yeebird reader/family friend saved this for me (thanks, Jackie!!). I love the idea. The directions didn't scan well, so I've retyped them, below:

Any doorway becomes center stage with this playful project from Cool Spaces for Kids ($19.99; Hachette). Here's how to get the show on the road.
Step 1: Start with a curtain that's at least half an inch wider than the doorframe, and cut out an opening for the "stage" (this one measures 18 by 16 inches).
Step 2: To make the stage's "curtains," select a contrasting fabric, and cut out a square that's slightly larger than the opening. Snip that square in half, then pin both pieces to the back of the opening at the top.
Step 3: For an extra (optional) fillip, cut triangles from a third fabric and pin them to the front of the opening at the top.
Step 4: Pin two 12-inch ribbon "tiebacks" to each side of the opening's front.
Step 5: Frame the stage--and sew the curtains, triangles, and tiebacks in place--by stitching ribbon around the opening.
Step 6: Sew a loop of ribbon onto the curtain's top corners, then hang from nails on the doorframe.
( June 2009)

Wouldn't this be perfect in an elementary classroom? Talk about easy set-up! Puppet shows are a fun and wonderful way to teach children story elements -- beginning, middle, end, characters, setting, plot).

I plan to make one for my kids. Yee-version: I might just use an old tablecloth and a LOT of stitch witchery. Puppet shows have been all the rage in our house this week for some reason (thanks, Mum and Papa, for the puppets you gave Ian his first Christmas).

If you decide to make this, I'd love to know how it turns out.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wrapping up Summer

It's been a wonderful summer.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Lucky Ladies

Ian drew these three names out of a bag tonight to determine our giveaway winners. I'm so glad he was willing to play along! I would have struggled to choose -- every comment made post 100 super special to celebrate. I wish I could treat us all to a night together at Starbucks! But, I digress. Congratulations:

Michelle Vandepol said . . .
adorable pic of your two year old :) i would have to say 100 pieces of 12x12 super busy patterned paper. never get sick of adding to that collection :)

Betsy said . . .
I'd better quit messing around and join the party! If I could have 100 of anything, I might pick 100 days of vacation! (but then I'd need more money to go to cool places...hmmm) Eh, I'd still take the vacation. :)
Thanks for such a great blog!

Sara Ancich said . . .
This is FUN! The logical part of me says 100 extra full paychecks. My impulsive side says 100 extra days of summer. Love it. I will link your blog on mine on Wednesday. Thanks! tell how you created the polarois looking images in your post.... pretty please.

Winners, please email your info to me at yeebird[at]gmail[dot]com.

Oh, and "Granny," who said . . .
"Hi Rebekah
You don't know me, but I am Carrie's 100 year old (well, almost) Granny.
Congratulations on 100 postings!
I would like 100 more memories with my grandkids & greats."

. . . "Granny," wherever you are, Ian didn't draw your name, but email me your info, anyway. I have a teeny something to send you. Because I can't help myself. Because being 100 and posting on my 100 post is just too cool. And because I hope I'm half as with-it as you are at age 100.

Big Boy Bike

You'll get it, buddy. I know you will.

Even though you don't want to.

And even though you think your new helmet is way cooler than your new bike (I'll admit, it's a toss-up).

We're all cheering you on. (Thankful for out-of-this-world neighbor friends who sent their kiddos outside to ride and root for Ian. Btw, this little sweetie is quickly becoming your new bff.)

I know stepping out of your comfort zone is way tough for you.
But, riding a bike means being free.
All things you love and want so much.

I promise you're gonna love it.
So keep at it, okay, buddy?

Oh, and no one told Lilly she's not supposed to wear a dress while riding a bike.
Eh, forget it, she wouldn't listen anyway.

Note to self and others: never again buy your daughter a helmet that lights up when you tap it on top. I've lost count of the number of times brother and neighbor children have thumped her on the head.

Should've thought that one through . . .

P.S. Notice the wrong feet?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Taken from grandpa's iPhone

One more thing . . . like Starbucks? Like music? Like it FREE? Get some here!

Af'fair' to Remember

A night at the Ozark Empire Fair . . .

I've mentioned before how I love to draw with Ian and Lilly, especially following a significant time I want to remember. Through their drawings, I get to see what was most important to them about the experience. Check out this post for more.

Here are drawings of our visit to the Fair:

(Free digital frame download found here.)

Just when I started to think my drawing was way kindergarten-meets Picasso (in a bad way), Ian says, "OH, MAMA! It's soooo pretty!"
And then this: "Can it be mine?"

LUV those mommy moments!

The quote of the night definitely comes from mom, after seeing this:

She said, "It's shockingly human-looking!"
Man. Mom can seriously bring the funny sometimes.

Don't worry, I don't plan to end this post with any cheesy phrases like, "No butts about it. We had a great time at the Fair." Oh no, I wouldn't do that.

Instead, I'll end (ahem) with Ian's quote, Pineapple Whip in hand on the way out, "This was the best night I ever had before."

There. That's better.

P.S. There's still time to enter this giveaway.
See you tomorrow!