Friday, August 7, 2009

Lucky Ladies

Ian drew these three names out of a bag tonight to determine our giveaway winners. I'm so glad he was willing to play along! I would have struggled to choose -- every comment made post 100 super special to celebrate. I wish I could treat us all to a night together at Starbucks! But, I digress. Congratulations:

Michelle Vandepol said . . .
adorable pic of your two year old :) i would have to say 100 pieces of 12x12 super busy patterned paper. never get sick of adding to that collection :)

Betsy said . . .
I'd better quit messing around and join the party! If I could have 100 of anything, I might pick 100 days of vacation! (but then I'd need more money to go to cool places...hmmm) Eh, I'd still take the vacation. :)
Thanks for such a great blog!

Sara Ancich said . . .
This is FUN! The logical part of me says 100 extra full paychecks. My impulsive side says 100 extra days of summer. Love it. I will link your blog on mine on Wednesday. Thanks! tell how you created the polarois looking images in your post.... pretty please.

Winners, please email your info to me at yeebird[at]gmail[dot]com.

Oh, and "Granny," who said . . .
"Hi Rebekah
You don't know me, but I am Carrie's 100 year old (well, almost) Granny.
Congratulations on 100 postings!
I would like 100 more memories with my grandkids & greats."

. . . "Granny," wherever you are, Ian didn't draw your name, but email me your info, anyway. I have a teeny something to send you. Because I can't help myself. Because being 100 and posting on my 100 post is just too cool. And because I hope I'm half as with-it as you are at age 100.


  1. Congrats girls!!!

  2. oh dear....Rebekah I think you misunderstood Granny. She's not 100. :) She exaggerates for dramatic effect (don't know where she learned THAT from). But, she IS very with it. And pretty fabulous. And who (whom?) I am named after. She and my Grandad have been married well over 50 years, and every morning they have devotions and then pray for each of us by name. I'll take that legacy over a $$ inheritance any day. :)

  3. OH . . . I get it. Someone's granny is a little like her, isn't she?

  4. Gasp! What a great feeling to be a winner. Thanks for picking my name, Ian! Thank you Rebekah for the fun opportunity to participate! Happy weekend!

  5. Why, I have NO idea what you're talking about. I AM her favorite grandchild though, probably because she sees in me all the rowdy and misbehaving ways that she was too polite and well-behaved to exhibit. :)