Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Af'fair' to Remember

A night at the Ozark Empire Fair . . .

I've mentioned before how I love to draw with Ian and Lilly, especially following a significant time I want to remember. Through their drawings, I get to see what was most important to them about the experience. Check out this post for more.

Here are drawings of our visit to the Fair:

(Free digital frame download found here.)

Just when I started to think my drawing was way kindergarten-meets Picasso (in a bad way), Ian says, "OH, MAMA! It's soooo pretty!"
And then this: "Can it be mine?"

LUV those mommy moments!

The quote of the night definitely comes from mom, after seeing this:

She said, "It's shockingly human-looking!"
Man. Mom can seriously bring the funny sometimes.

Don't worry, I don't plan to end this post with any cheesy phrases like, "No butts about it. We had a great time at the Fair." Oh no, I wouldn't do that.

Instead, I'll end (ahem) with Ian's quote, Pineapple Whip in hand on the way out, "This was the best night I ever had before."

There. That's better.

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See you tomorrow!


  1. Love this post! You are such a great mom doodling in what there precious drawings are referring to. How fun that you made a drawing too :)

  2. My absolute favorite part of the fair are those larger than life animals. Thanks for the link to the free digital frame. Happy Wednesday.

  3. What an awesome idea to draw with the kids-especially after something so memorable! I'm so cracking up about the pig!!

  4. ok. your mom's quote cracks me up b/c:
    1. I know her and love her and it's so funny to imagine this coming out of her mouth.
    2.She's RIGHT! It IS shockingly human looking! YIKES!!