Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Thought I'd share Nathan with you all today. I so love his tweets. Here's a glimpse of my funny-honey:

My tooth thanks you, God, for enamel. My coffee cup does not.
Hot coffee, photo treatments for a friend, Prospekt's March in the 'phones. I win.I'm soaked. But I have free Sbux.T-shirt at church: "Video games ruined my life. Good thing I have two extra lives.""Don't you PUT that evil on me, Ricky Bobby!!"Romo and Simpson split! WE'RE GOIN' TO THE SUPER BOWL, 'BOYS!!
Let's not call today "Monday." Let's call it "BlisteringAssaultofaDay."Big Web day ahead. Lots of video chats between here and Austin. Now, if only I could get my programmers out of bed...When used to designing on a Mac, a PC makes design feel like someone's stomping on the brakes every couple of minutes...Us: "Happy birthday to you, happy birthd--" // Lilly: "Doh-wannit!!"Boss just bought Andy's for everyone. I declined. I feel victorious. And terribly sad.HOLY COW. "Jaws" is playing all week at the Palace! I've NEVER seen this on the big screen. AWE. SOME. Bring on the shark!Sporting a brand new car today! And by "car" I mean "flip-flops."Hard morning's work. Home now with kiddos. Sprinkler is mos def part of the afternoon...come on home, sweetie!
Two things: 1) Ian jumped off the diving board for the first time; 2) I eliminated nigh unto thousands of Japanese Beetles. A good night.Monday happened, like, all over the place today.Yesterday, Ian learned to http://virb.com/nathanwilli...Most jarring phrase heard today: "...robotic gynecological surgery..."Tastes never to be combined: vinegar and coffee. Don't ask HOW I know; just accept THAT I know.:90 script clocks in at 3 min, 45 sec. Think anyone will notice?Rebekah rocks. Just try to keep up, ladies: http://yeebird.blogspot.com/Everything I say and do is being displayed on a huge monitor in a conference room...pretty sure I feel a booger.


  1. oh so funny and sweet. i don't want to know about robotic gynocologic surgery either!

  2. yep. That all sounds about right! :)