Friday, August 7, 2009

Big Boy Bike

You'll get it, buddy. I know you will.

Even though you don't want to.

And even though you think your new helmet is way cooler than your new bike (I'll admit, it's a toss-up).

We're all cheering you on. (Thankful for out-of-this-world neighbor friends who sent their kiddos outside to ride and root for Ian. Btw, this little sweetie is quickly becoming your new bff.)

I know stepping out of your comfort zone is way tough for you.
But, riding a bike means being free.
All things you love and want so much.

I promise you're gonna love it.
So keep at it, okay, buddy?

Oh, and no one told Lilly she's not supposed to wear a dress while riding a bike.
Eh, forget it, she wouldn't listen anyway.

Note to self and others: never again buy your daughter a helmet that lights up when you tap it on top. I've lost count of the number of times brother and neighbor children have thumped her on the head.

Should've thought that one through . . .

P.S. Notice the wrong feet?


  1. Love the pics...I admit...after yesterdays post, I looked at her feet right away! :) She is too cute!

  2. The Clone Wars helmet is so cool. I will have to show that one to my boys. He WILL get it. It is more a test of parent's patience than anything else. Another milestone for sure.

  3. cracking up about the helmet! poor sweetie, is she about ready to sock someone?????