Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chocolate Cupcakes, Superfriends, 36"

Made those chocolate cupcakes to cheer up Emilia. (looks like Lilly was also uplifted)
Delivered them, along with the drawing of Gus in heaven with Jesus. Which led to this.

Funny thing is, these two ran in and suited up without mamas knowing. Hilarious when they burst out into the backyard in these get-ups.

Of course, Lilly is not easily outdone.

TigerLilly: "RRRAAAAAHHHH!!!"

We had a beautiful time at Silver Dollar City today. Loving 80 degree weather in August.
Like it that brother was showing sissy how to press the button to make the butterfly fly.

And want to remember (or forget, really) these signs:

For a 34"ish sized little gal, the summer of 36" rides has been tough. We dealt with it at the fair, and now Silver Dollar City. She waits in line, and, sometimes, an operator will look the other way, but other times, a tearful, very unhappy Lilly has to walk away, rideless. And no amount of "naaacks" can suffice.

But, isn't she beautiful?

And isn't he handsome?

Want to help yourself feel happier?
Start a blog.
Post all your happy photos and write about them.
And maybe, just MAYBE, all the bad stuff of the day that you did and said and felt and wallowed in will slink into the background of your thoughts, and you'll realize: I have a pretty stinkin' great life.
In that moment, there is happiness.


  1. so true. blogging is like an online gratitude journal

  2. Rebekah, your posts always make me smile. Your photos are fabulous, but perhaps it is only because the subjects are beautiful.

  3. Wait...back it failed to mention that SANTA was working that ride your kids went on...Whoa...he is impressive...he sure does get around. I swear he was mowing my neighbor's lawn last week!

  4. How cute! Chocolate is ALWAYS better on the face! Silverdollar city looks like a lot of fun... I think it's like Dollywood, isn't it? We went there a couple years ago when I was pregnant with Sophia. We have not gone to one zoo, one museum, one anything this summer... Mostly because we're headed to Disney but I still felt kinda bad when I realized that! Urgh... Anyways, we're heading down on the 14th of September... when are you guys going?

  5. I love that, in the chocoholic picture, Lilly looks like she's desperately trying to keep a straight face.

  6. So true Rebekah! Ever since I started my blog I've found myself looking for the good times to blog about and WOW are there a lot. Love your blog!

  7. That last paragraph is great- very well said.