Wednesday, August 19, 2009

All Dogs go to Heaven

Jesus and Gus.
Doesn't get any sweeter than this . . . a picture Ian made today for his precious most awesome friend ever/neighbor Emilia. Gus went to doggy heaven today, and Ian wanted to make her feel better. My fave part? You guessed it--Jesus, all Ian's idea to add Him. We'll deliver the drawing tomorrow, with some homemade cupcakes -- chocolate with chocolate frosting, and sprinkles--LOTS, of course! Hopefully, Miss Emilia will smile.

Woe is me. No camera tonight at the Cards ballgame. It was Star Wars night and Ian went dressed as "Orange Luke," blue light saber at the hip.
He dueled with several boys who also had light sabers.
He white-knuckle gripped daddy's hand when a sandperson passed by.
He battled with mascot Louie.
And on the way out, he defeated Darth Vader who was guarding the exit. It was a light saber duel to go down in history [orrrr, the bottom of the fourth].


  1. so sweet! i'm sure it will cheer her up. i love when the kids mix a bit of theology in with their artwork ;)

  2. That is the sweetest thing ever! We used to have a dog named Gus too:) Star Wars night sure sounds fun-I LOVE me some Star Wars.