Friday, May 15, 2009

Worth a Million

My picture

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Text reads: I loved this: Taking Ian and Lill to the Nature Center. Pulling the wagon off the boardwalk and onto the gravel 2-mile trail. Seeing their glee when we spotted the creek's edge. Watching Ian get braver and braver until his shoes and socks were off and he was muddy in the water. Letting them throw rocks, get dirty, be children.

Ian's picture

Ian, Lilly and I had a memorable trip to the Nature Center this week. I was seriously kicking myself that I'd forgotten my camera. Seriously. That was until today, when the three of us sat down together to draw about our experience. I realized, if a picture is worth a thousand words, a child's drawing is worth a million. See, when I photograph them, I'm capturing what I think is important. But, when Ian draws, I'm able to see what was truly special to him about the experience. Epiphany!!!

Lilly's picture (don't let the softness fool you, she breaks every crayon she touches)

Eventually, Ian started drawing Spider-man. I think this is my favorite drawing EVER of Ian's. He chose the colors himself. Check that out!!! Wow! GREAT web!! He's totally swinging--look at the arms in the air.

One more thing . . . spent this evening with my dad at the Dads-and-Daughters Banquet. I love you, dad. You were the greatest guy in the room, and I was the proudest daughter. And thanks for trying to like coffee again when you took me to Starbucks after. So funny what you said, "Tonight may be the night!" Much love, daddy.