Thursday, May 14, 2009

Plinky Prompts to Ponder

Things to ponder this weekend.
From . . .

1. When did you first start to realize you were a grown-up?
2. Paul Simon was going to Graceland, Toto blessed the rains down in Africa -- what place would you write a song about?
3. Which moments in life do you wish you could do over?
4. Recall when you first started using the Internet regularly.

My answers:
1. When Ian was born. Feeling completely exhausted but hearing that middle of the night cry and knowing I had to get up.
2. My house. Boring, I know. But, my best "life" moments happen right here.
3. Wouldn't you like to know?
4. Started emailing regularly while attending University of Arkansas, fell in love with that form of communication immediately.

I'd love to read your answers, too.

My window box flowers are pictured, above. Know what? The kind lady at the flower shop gave me the purple violas for FREE! They don't handle the summer heat well and she wanted to pass them along to a caring home. You know, it's so seldom anyone does a random act of kindness anymore, even a small one can shock the system! Gonna try to pay it forward this weekend by passing a kindness on to someone else.

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  1. The actual box itself might be worth a mention, too.

    n u tayk gud pikturz!!!11!!