Monday, May 4, 2009

Week of Mother's Day

Let's celebrate the mothers in our lives! I plan to feature one special mother in my family each day this week. Who better to start with than my mom?

Mom was born and raised in the tiny town of Chaffee, Missouri. I love this website. The first time dad ever saw her, she was playing the organ at church and he had come to preach. I think I remember hearing something about him noticing her short skirt as her legs pedaled the organ. For shame, for shame!

Mom, already a schoolteacher and four years older than dad, accepted when dad proposed to her on his nineteenth birthday. They married three months later. The rest is history!

A few of my childhood memories of mom:

She would read us novels like Narnia and Little House. She always put my hair in pink sponge rollers on Saturday night so I would have big banana curls at church the next day. She made me beautiful, ruffle dresses and hair barrettes with long ribbons. I awoke many, many mornings to her lovely piano playing. She frequently helped at my school. It was a comfort to know she was in the building. She spent hours decorating gorgeous birthday cakes for my brother and me. She was a hard worker who enjoyed planting flowers and making our yard the most beautiful on the street. She ironed everything (even jeans, I think!), always made sure shirts were tucked in, and required us to wear belts if our pants had loops. Her spankings never hurt, and I'd tell her so. She would threaten to "make it hurt," but she just never had it in her to follow through. She was my hero who could do anything, fix anything, solve anything.

She still is.

Happy Mother's Day, mom.

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