Friday, May 22, 2009

Chocolate Mint Brownies

Today I finely chopped some chocolate mint I'm growing in a pot and put it into brownies. Yum! And on Wednesday I picked cilantro from my garden and made fresh salsa. So far, this gardening bit is working for me. I'm loving harvesting my own-grown stuff and putting it to good use.

Celebrate Memorial Day weekend with patriotic pasta for your kids' playtime. It's fun for stringing on pipe cleaners, making art projects, or just playing with in bowls using spoons, scoopers . . . you name it!

Directions: children put pasta in baggies and squirt bunches of coloring in each bag. Secret -- add a bit of rubbing alcohol to each bag for brighter colors. Seal bags. Children shake, shake, shake! Pour onto cookie sheets to dry.

Enjoy your holiday!

1 comment:

  1. I love your photos! YOu know how to really capture the moment!!!
    Your babies are getting so big!! Did Nathan tell you that Cami's favorite blanket is the one you made her?! I have had SO many compliments on it! Hope you guys have a great memorial weekend!
    Keli Tetzlaff