Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sweet Time

Pulling a late night tonight. My sweet, amazingly gifted, ultra-talented friend Lexi came to play. And by "play" I mean work like mad into the wee hours on John and Amanda wedding shower goodies. She arrived with grande Starbucks drinks in hand for the both of us, "so we could get our crafty mojo on."

Chocolate mint heart favors? Check.
Guest book sign-in started? Check.
Major mess? Check. (but a beautiful mess)
Sleepy me? Check plus.

Finally finished these envelopes, Lex (in case you were wondering).

Crafting with Lexi always gives me a huge energy boost (pretty sure it's her wonderful friendship and not just the grande Starbucks that does it). I hope you have a coffee toting/energizing pal in your life, too. Everyone needs a Lexi.

Caffeine high just crashed. Good night.

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  1. ok. so I am joining the blog world... but I will need help. lots of help. my pics are posting in reverse order and I can't put text in between them...
    so now I can leave you comments. the whole reason I created it.