Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother's Day Twist

Celebrating Mother's Day with a twist this year by giving my children a gift from me. After all, they are the reason I'm a mama!

I made these Bedtime Bags for Ian and Lilly this week and plan to present them to my children on Sunday with a new book and pair of p.j.s inside each one. Got the idea from the Creative Family book I've been telling you about here and here. I changed up the pattern a bit. My favorite personal touch was adding quilt batting on the backs of the letters to make them poofy.

Here's the plan for the Bedtime Bags. They will hang in the kids' rooms and contain everything needed for that night's bedtime routine. In our house this includes a lovey for each child (Lilly: pink bear, Ian: blue blanket), a bedtime story or two, and a set of jammies. Voila! No more searching for things at bedtime, and the best part is, the kids can find things themselves.

Trust me -- these are easy peezy to make. Imagine a pillowcase with handles. If you're new to sewing, skip the pocket and letter. Have a fun weekend sewing, and a Happy Mother's Day!

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