Thursday, April 30, 2009

Be Completely Present

Lilly spent at least 30 minutes on this new container of Play-doh today. She didn't say a word, just worked and worked, pulling it apart piece by tiny piece. It's fun to see children experience and discover things, isn't it? She is definitely my little crafter. Give her a sheet of stickers and she can stay busy for an hour!

And speaking of growing up -- isn't she? She looks so like a little girl now. Where did my baby Yee go?

It's tough for me to be completely present in the moment as a stay-at-home mom. Honestly, some days I am just flat-out bored (guilty admission -- let's keep that just b/w us, okay?). When I see pictures like this one and realize how quickly my children are growing up, I remind myself how important it is to be intentional about parenting.

Soooo, in the interest of doing something worthwhile with my dear ones, I am setting a goal this spring to get a garden started for my children. Amanda Soule dedicates a portion of her book, The Creative Family, to gardening with kids. I plan to follow her suggestions: let Ian choose what veggies to plant, help him make garden markers, and keep a garden journal. Pray for rain, people!

More on Amanda Soule tomorrow. I could seriously blog every day about her amazing ideas, but then, this wouldn't be my blog, it would be hers! I'm off to dig in dirt!

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  1. It's hard to be an intentional parent when they are young and can't do much but eat and sleep! :-) It's also hard when you are trying to juggle work and baby, i don't know how people do it without feeling like they aren't neglecting one or the other! You are an amazing mom, i hope i can be as hands on with Cami as she grows up! Love your blogs!
    Keli Tetzlaff