Thursday, April 16, 2009

Buttons: $8; Time with Mom: Priceless

Lilly Ruth, Rebekah Ruth, and Ruth the First spent this morning together. The generational bonds of females in my family are strong. Many of you know my mama (Ruth the First) and how wonderful she is. Amazing with a capital A, folks. Time with her is just, well, fun. I feel delighted when she joins the kids and me on outings, and lonely when she does not. She is my dearest friend. Gals, if you need a friend, try your mama. Trust me. It's priceless.

Mom, Lilly and I stopped in to She's Crafty and I got these schweeet buttons for the felt flowers I am making. Below is a picture of my first finished flower. I think it will be super cute on a hair barrette, headband, bag, or as a present topper. Find the pattern on Heather Bailey's site, or just purchase an already finished flower barrette when my Etsy shop is up and running!

Have a great day, friends. Spend some time with your mama, grandma, or another special lady you treasure.

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