Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Swinging Spring

When was the last time you felt this free?

Loving the new swingset Nathan put together for the kids in the backyard. It takes some kind of man to accomplish a feat like that by himself. I pray Lilly grows up to marry a man as great as her daddy someday. With her personality, I'm guessing she'll have her pick!

Thought I would post some of my favorite blogs today:

My all-time favorite blog is by Ali Edwards, aka, Goddess-of-all-Things-Creative. Check it out sometime, but be warned -- it will definitely inspire you to start some kind of project you never knew you wanted to do.

Elizabeth Kartchner's blog is also a creative masterpiece. Another warning: she is so sickenly beautiful and, although it shows her chowing cookie dough or a massive hot fudge sundae every other day, she is stick-skinny, girls. Stick. Skinny. But, it's worth it for all the great eye candy and inspiration you will get on her site.

My most treasured blog I read every day is my dad's, of course! He has an endearing way of capturing the essence of our family members, especially the grandchildren. It's a joy to read.

Off to work on a project of my own. That's what happens when you blog-hop too much!

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