Tuesday, April 28, 2009

After lunch today with my dear sis-in-law-to-be, Amanda, she applied this stuff, looked up, and BOOM! -- shiny happy sparkle all-things-girly -- just like that. Beautiful (of course, she always is, even without funky, mint-flavored lip gloss)! Check it out for $5 at Bath and Body Works: Mentha Lip Tint

Jars of Clay's new album, The Long Fall Back to Earth. Listen here. It's "melodic rock with electronic influences" (Nathan's words). Love the song, "Boys (Lesson 1)". All you parents of sons out there, take a listen. It's like Jars has grown up and grown deep.

Starbucks Kenya blend. A staple in my house/flavor-o-the-month.

Apply lip gloss. Listen to tunes. Drink coffee. Through a straw (so your lip gloss stays on). Happy day, blog-buds.

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