Sunday, April 26, 2009

This and That

Ian's very first field trip. Ever. Picture more moms than children and more cameras than moms.

The zoo was nice, but Ian mostly enjoyed his friends, snack time, and the bus ride. Love this photo of Ian (blue ball cap) and two classmates holding hands. What a precious age -- so innocent and so much love to give. No girl/boy cooties, no notice of who is wearing what, no minding what nationality someone might be, no cynical filter to screen others. Just hold my hand and walk with me, friend. Cool.

The bus ride was definitely the highlight of the field trip. Ian is being silly with his sweet friend, Addie before the bus takes off.

Room to grow:

A funny -- Ian was convinced the hippo, first animal we saw upon entering the zoo, was a statue. I assured him the hippo was real. Fast forward to the end of our trip . . . I had to convince Ian this tiger really was a statue and he could sit near it for a class picture:

Ian's preschool experience this year has been excellent. We are so thankful for this precious group of boys and girls he got to know!

On to another subject . . . I went on a road trip to St. Louis this weekend with mom and dad to attend a cousin's wedding. I so enjoy being with my dad's family. It is quite the event. My grandpa is one of 13 children and seven of the 13 attended the wedding.

I had a great time but missed Nathan and my kiddos. Here is a picture of some outdoor time today. Ian has come down with a pretty icky cold but we got outside for a bit. When he laid down on the swingset with his hanky I knew it was time to go inside!

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