Thursday, May 21, 2009

Second and Stunks

This week has been huge for Ian. He finished a year of AWANA Cubbies and received his awards Wednesday night.

Today was his last day of preschool for this year.

Tonight was his first official t-ball practice. He had us giggling. The first activity at practice was for the players to line up behind home base and run to first, then second, and so on.

The first player in line ran to first base.
The second player ran to first base.
The third, fourth and fifth players ran to first base.
The sixth player ran straight to second base. Guess who that was?
Right-o. Ian.

Nathan and I are just assuming Ian is confident every hit he makes will be a double.

We had the windows down in the van on the drive home and a terrible skunk smell filled the car. Ian: "Everybody don't like STUNKS."

Saw 15 toads on my walk tonight. 15!!! That's a new record. 15 toads and no blond jogger . . . it's a good day.


  1. Even the froggies like Chris Martin's "Fix You" croonings...

  2. Rebekah-
    I wanted to let you know that I have been following your blog. I am really enjoying it. So your strange hits from Mexico are me :) I love your family stuff but I have been totally impressed by your craft projects! You are amazing!! Love Courtney G.