Wednesday, May 20, 2009

1. Local favorite:
Sunshine Valley Farm in Rogersville, Missouri is a slice of heaven, right here in the Ozarks. Speaking of slice of heaven, try a slice of their pie after you enjoy a yummy lunch on the wrap-around porch. The grounds are picturesque, with a large orchard and gorgeous landscaping. The fam met there today so, of course, I brought my camera:

2. Check out this article. These sweet ladies have spent decades knitting a replica of their British village. It's incredible, and read it, b/c it's full of phrases like, "God rest her soul," and "the garden was spot on" and "gave us a jolt." Don't you love how Brits talk?

3. Okay, this is a simple one. I'm a simple gal. A $3 Glade candle has changed my life. If you are a mama and frequently experience unpleasant, sometimes unexplained, odors coming from your kids' rooms during the day like I do, try it. I just light it and transfer it from room to room during the day as needed. Just don't burn your house down or put it within your child's reach!:

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