Monday, May 4, 2009

Velma Valera Varble

Continuing my week of celebrating the moms in my family, today I'm remembering my maternal grandmother, Velma Valera Varble. That's right, triple V's! Can you believe it?!! Of course, when she married my Papaw she became a Huey -- just messed the whole cool name thing up. But, trust me, he was worth it.

Mamaw lived most of her life in Southeast Missouri, growing up in Chaffee and later moving to Cape Girardeau. Here she is at age 15 with her 1937 Chaffee Red Devils basketball team. I'd recognize those legs anywhere! She always had pretty skin and legs.

I could write a book on Velma Huey. Smart as a tack to the end, she worked for years at the Cape Girardeau Social Security office and promoted as far as one was allowed without a college degree. She had more knowledge and experience than anyone else at her office. She was always inventing little gadgets to make her everyday tasks more efficient. She loved crossword puzzles and games like Boggle. Mamaw always wished she knew how to play the piano. Therefore, it was extra special for her when her daughter, Ruth (my mama), became so accomplished on the instrument.

Mamaw was a soulmate of mine. I treasured her as my grandmother and friend. She taught me much about life and a lot about sewing. On top of it all, she was downright hilarious, even SHOCKING at times. I miss her. So much.

Enjoy this chocolate pie recipe written in her own handwriting. She'd add the world's best meringue on top, too. When we'd come for Thanksgiving, the table was so full that Mamaw would pile pies across her piano in the dining room. Chocolate was her signature recipe.


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  2. We knew your sweet MawMaw. We had the privilege of living across the hall from her when she lived on Ingram Mill. We loved her so very, very much! She was a pistol, but I loved sitting with her and talking about books and music and whatever else came up. We truly were blessed to know her.

    (FYI- so you don't think I am some random blog stalker LOL, I know your parents and your mom gave me the link. I used to work at Second in the worship office).

    Your blog is great!