Monday, May 18, 2009


Know what $8.50 will buy ya? These shoes at Children's Place. When your almost 2 year-old daughter is on the floor at Children's Place, shoes pulled off, trying desperately to get these new shoes on her feet, yelling, "NOOooooo! NOOOooooo! Yewwwwwssss (shoes)" as we try to make our exit (sans new shoes), $8.50 will get her happily up off the floor and out of the mall.

Lilly has a thing for shoes. And for getting her way.

Speaking of feet . . . check out Ian's perfect piggies. Love that he was sitting at his little table on the porch today, just like this. (and yes, he does wear this Spidey suit every day, when he isn't an astronaut, Buzz, or Luke "Star"walker.)

Andy's coma: the kids were so good while mama mowed today, they earned an Andy's treat.

Speaking of treat, look at this luscious man candy. Mmm! :)

Happy day, bloggies.

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