Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hello June.

It's the little things. Today, my landscaping is making me happy. Take these sweet little violas: remember this blog post? The kind lady at the greenhouse gave them to me for free; wanted them to have a "good home." Lately, they've raised their cheerful faces to the sunshine with all their might. It's like they have something to prove and they're gonna prove it!!

Day lillies. I like to watch with excitement each spring as they begin to grow, grow, grow, and then when they burst out into dozens of buds, well, it's exciting for me. Little things, remember?

Red yarrow. This guy's threatening to take over my entire yard. Yarrow can be intrusive, but I'll keep this one in check. He's worth having just for his pretty red color.

Gerber daisy. This gal's in a pot on the front porch. Gotta love orange!

Yellow yarrow and deep purple sage at the mailbox. Hello, mailman!

Worthy, joyful, determined, sunshine, and friendly make a beautiful bouquet on my table.

Five years ago when our home was built, Nathan's parents and grandparents came over for a landscaping party. Together, we planted each and every plant, flower and tree on our property. It's a precious thing to see your husband's almost 90 year-old grandfather happily digging in the dirt. Life. Is. Good.

Speaking of plants . . . GARDEN UPDATE:
This is crrrraaaazy out of control! My first garden -- I had no idea how this spot would grow at lightning speed! Must be the manure (remember Ian and the "stinky").

Ian's garden on May 16:

Ian's garden on May 31:

Thanks, Mum (Nathan's mama), for the new baby tomato plants! I promise to plant them soon.

What's making YOU happy this June 1?

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