Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fancy Pants Tag, Some News, and a Secret

My first official custom order calls for an official tag, right? Thanks, Nathan. (For those who don't know, my honey is a phat designer. Find him here. JAM, that "phat" part was for you. You know why.)

Note to self: get that etsy shop open!

Had to post these photos. No matter how old I get, I still love being with my mama! Today, we had the chance to craft together. These cone centerpieces for the rehearsal dinner are turning out better than we'd hoped.

Here's a sneak peak. Finished project photos coming soon. I'm always amazed at mom's total perfection on these projects. See what I mean?

And this is random, but, "We promise we didn't make her (Lilly) do it," says Nathan.

That blurry flurry of cleaning action/little Cinderella is our daughter. Set her loose with a wet washcloth and she's a machine. The cleaning went on for about 25 minutes. Woody's clean. Buzz is clean. Her play kitchen is clean. Her legs are clean. Her arms our clean. Roughly 600 square feet of hardwood flooring is clean.

I'm not sure she's going to be able to stand the sight of her mama's house when she grows up. Anywho, I'm still convinced there's time to force my messiness upon her. What do you think?

OH, and some news . . .

I've been invited to join the Triple the Sketch design team. Can't wait to get started! First, I have to figure out how to post that blinkie on my blogger . . .

And a secret. Shhh. One of the greatest opportunities of my life happened upon me today, but, alas, I must keep this project on the down-low for a bit longer. So, the secret must remain a secret. Stay tuned for amazing news!

Incredibly thankful for this little piece of real estate in the blogosphere called yeebird that I can ramble to each day, and immensely thankful for you, dear reader. Good things are happening. Today was an amazing day.


  1. all i can say is 'yay!!!' :)

  2. happy good things are happening day! :)

  3. When I see the picture of Lilly, all I hear is "Cinder-elly, Cinder-elly, night and day it's Cinder-elly!" What a precious little cleaner you got there! Congrats on the triple the sketch invite and your exciting secret news! Sounds like you had a great day!