Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sewing Sunshine and In the Box

Sew much happening this week. Finished another custom blanket order. My friend, Nikki is a jewelry designer and she and I have traded some blankets for baubles. It's Christmas shopping done early for me, and her pieces are absolutely gorgeous! Check out her website here.

Next, I made my first baby block and ball set for a sweet new friend. Here it is:

And last, I am working on a party skirt for Lilly. Have I mentioned that as a mother of a little girl, I LOVE tulle? (esp yellow--it's like sewing sunshine!) She does, too, so that works out nicely for both of us.

Nathan scored some "suite" tix (thanks, KY3!) to the Cards game tonight. And I mean, SUITE tix (as in, IN THE BOX, right behind home plate). If you've never enjoyed a game on site in the comfort of air conditioning, leather seats, with hot dogs and snacks provided, it's the way to go, folks. With a little outdoor balcony all our own, we were livin' it up!

To make the night even "suite-er" (okay, okay, I'll stop), the pixel gods smiled on me by making it world record night. The Guinness goal? Get more peeps to wear clown noses than ever before. My camera was popping right and left. Word is, we busted the record, so my family's clown noses are going down in history. And that's no joke. (somebody stop me, please).

Fast forward to the drive home -- two hours past bedtime, two tired, grumpy kiddos in the backseat, and Lilly takes a little swat at Ian.

When he protested, I teased, "Hmm. What should we do about this? Should we sell poor Lilly to the gypsies?"

And he answered, without hesitation, "Yep."

Nathan forced me to add this to my list of things never to ask your four year-old.

Sometimes I wish someone would sell ME to the gypsies. Anyone feel the same?


  1. I've always wondered who exactly the "gypsies" were...and what if they have LOTS of tired, grumy kiddos...? Maybe they would like to be sold to the Williams! hA!

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  3. Shel Silverstein has a poem about this

  4. Nope, not taking any gypsies. Have 2 of my own! And Marcee, I'll have to ck out that poem. I love Shel Silverstein!

  5. Once again, awesome documentation of this fun night. Made me wish i could throw on my 9 yr olds Cardinals jersey and jump in the box with you and your fam. Although, your fam might wonder who is this strange woman with the extra tight shirt on?