Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wedding photos. And more. And more.

I'm sure you're just dying to know how my candy cones for the rehearsal dinner turned out. Admit it. You are. The "Sweet Beginning" theme turned out fabulous (if I do say so) and here are three photos of the sweet cones. Fun idea. See link at the bottom of this post for more info on how to make them.

If you make it through all of these wedding photos, you deserve a medal. Really, you do. Email me and maybe I'll send you one made out of a yogurt lid and paper clips. I realize the world of Blogger would probably explode if everyone posted as many pics as I, but, to give some perspective, Nathan and I took almost 300 photos at the wedding, so really this sampling is less than 10%. Not bad, right? Thanks.

Photo one.
Ready to go. Yes, my son really is sitting on the mud room floor in his tuxedo. And yes, my children are holding lollipops while wearing their wedding clothes. Before the wedding. How smart am I? But, when your two-year old won't stop crying for a pink yuckah (heaven only knows why) and you want a marathon wedding day to begin NOT in tears, you cave, ahem, I mean, compromise.

My beloved "love ferns." I managed to keep them alive for six weeks!

Is it time yet? Hanging out before the ceremony.

Lovely ladies.

Little man.

The guys. Nathan's on the far right--sweet dimple.

Service with a smile.

Be still, mama's heart.

Speaking of mamas, here they are.

Father-son. Happy groom, happy father.

Sammy watches so patiently. Here he gives grandma some lovin' during the ceremony.

Prayer. The best way to start a marriage (or anything else).

Blurry and half of John's head is cut off, but feel the joy!

Happily ever after.

They used the cones in the "sweet shop" at the reception. I call this photo "lust."

Hmm, someone did a fab job on those table runners.

Caleb rocked the reception!


  1. Gorgeous! Made me want to see more pictures, really! (Oh, I made my first baby quilty thing on Saturday... done except a little love needs to be stitched into one square...) Oh and I LOVE the sweet beginnings thing...awesome!

  2. I'm so glad you posted pictures! We're so excited for John and Amanda. :) And yet for some reason now I'm craving a lollipop for breakfast... -- Lori

  3. Thanks so much for posting all the pics, I love your blog.
    I attend second baptist and your Mom sent an email to me about your blog. I really enjoy it.