Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pretty Party

A weekend filled with so much goodness, I can't fit it all into one post. Here are some pretties from the party . . .

Lovely Lilly.

May all your wishes come true, Love.

Neat eater . . . hardly had a speck of icing on your dress when finished.

Cake bites, seriously. yummy. cake bites.

Thank you, Papa, for making a birthday girl's new play kitchen feel so real!

Thank you, Saint Grandpa, for eating outside with the kids.

Thanks, Hoo Hoo, for bringing Jess Jess from the veterans' home!

Thank you, Aunt Amy and Uncle Steven, for the beautiful bouquet

and for this -- I loved this touch!!

Oh, and for the Fourth of July fruit!

Special thanks also to:

Nathan, for making tissue paper favors and hanging pom poms into the wee hours on Friday night ("I don't think I'm cut out for making pom-poms," you said as I heard you wrestling with tissue paper), and for sprinkling my cake bites before they dried, and for vacuuming, etc. It takes a real man to make pom poms and sprinkle pink pretties on cake bites.

Ian, for being on your usual perfect behavior, for sharing so well with your cousin, and for taking the whole Lilly-gets-all-the-attention-and-presents-today-thing so well!

Grandma, for bringing much food (best tuna salad EVAH) and for all your wonderful help and the fun presents (love those outfits). You are fantastic!

Mum, for the sweet tiny purse and Lilly hairbrush. She just had to brush everyone's hair, didn't she?!

Caleb, for the unbeLIEVable flag cake!!!

"Uncle Pocket" and "Aunt Tepsy" (Patrick and Stephanie) for the girly-girl clothes and a princess gift bag Lilly flipped over.

Uncle Mike, for attending all the way from Amarillo, TX. It was a treat to have you with us.

Uncle John and Aunt Manda for making time to be here on your last free Saturday before the wedding. Lilly loves you.

Sammy, for sweetly swinging happily.

Jess Jess, visiting from a nursing home with a broken shoulder in a sling, for continuing to offer my mama your seat. You are more than dear to us.

Cousin William, for playing and sharing so well with Ian. He had a blast with you.

Whew. Long post. And this doesn't even include Ian's Bible school program, the Midtown Parade, and fun fireworks.

I know I say this often, but seriously:
Life. Is. Good.


  1. What a lucky little girl and oh-so-loved. I can't get over that dress...ahhhh!

  2. Loved this post! I felt like I was actually there enjoying the festivities :)

  3. looks like you had a great time!

  4. So fun!! I hope you'll share your cake-bites recipe! I want to try those!

  5. Hey Bets! Click on "cake bites" (in green in the post) for the recipe. Super easy but they take lots of time.

    How are you? Ready for your album cover?

  6. apparently I am on a blogging sabatical. sabbatical. apparently I am not blogging for a fewe minutes. but I'm still reading. when I can keep my eyes open. beautiful dress, beautiful girl. happy being the mom of your precious girl day! (I'm trying to get Hallmark to print that one up...but we'll see).

  7. Oh, hello! I was scanning quickly in my rss reader and didn't even notice the link. Thanks!

    I love my album cover! So fun!! THANK YOU! I need to post pics!