Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Done and Doing

Canvas projects are finished. Hooray! I did four in all. Click here and here to see the other two. Email or leave a comment if you'd like instructions, including patterns, for these.

To do list . . .
Hem table runners for JAM wedding on 7/11.

Finish two custom quilt orders.

Make these little beauties (and other preps) for Lilly's party Saturday. {*excited*; remember this dress?}

Oh, and possibly make these for the rehearsal dinner. How fun is that for a centerpiece!!!?

It's going to be a crazy 10 days, but with the proper balance of sleep deprivation and strong coffee, I'm confident it will get done!


  1. Oh I have NO DOUBT you WILL get it all done! You always do!
    And have a semi-crafty friend willing to help out with whatever you need :)

  2. cute projects, I love the little purse!

  3. I have enjoyed perusing your blog. Very sweet blog entries! Happy belated anniversary to you. I am sure your Me maw appreciates your birthday wishes; no doubt she watches over you and your beautiful family :)

    I love our photographs and journaling of your children. You are very talented!

  4. You are busy, busy, busy...can't wait to see the results of all your creative goodness. Happy Thursday.

  5. you might want to also keep a steady supply of skittles on hand. nothing keeps the motor running like caffeine alternated with sugar layered with lack of sleep.

  6. That little purse is sooo cute.

    And those Martha Stewart kits are awesome. I made her rose kits and gave the made flowers to my Bridesmaids "proposing" to them when I asked them to be in my wedding last year.

  7. I love the centerpieces!!! Go for it. I think I'm going to a quilt next week for a friend that's having a shower... where do you get your fabric? A local place or online?!? (My new goal: be more like Rebecca... execute creative ideas... not just think or like them...) (PS... did you teach me the right hand part of Heart adn Soul or did my aunt?!)