Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pink Ruffle-icious

Isn't this dress yummy? I made it for Lilly to wear at her second birthday party coming up in a few weeks. I call it "Pink Ruffle-icious." Like it? Inspiration came from this blog I found last week. Tres cute!

Trust me, you, too can make the Ruffle-icious. It's easy and cheap. But it does take some time to sew the billion ruffles. Here's how to do it:

I started with a plain, white dress. This one is from Baby Gap -- a gem given to Lilly by a neighbor when her little girl outgrew it. You could also make a tube skirt (see blog link, above) or try sewing tulle onto a patterned dress. That would be sweet.

Sew your ruffles together first. To give you an idea, a two-yard strip will ruffle into about 12 inches of length. I cut my strips 2 1/2 inches wide by two yards of fabric. Just eyeball it -- it doesn't have to be perfect. Then, I put two strips together (to add poof) and ruffled them up as I ran them through my machine.

Those billion ruffles . . .

Pin the ruffles onto the dress where you want them and sew on top of the seam of the ruffles.

A trick: the flowers on the neckline are not officially attached. I decapitated this little bouquet of flowers, hot glued them to a thin strip of pink felt, then safety-pinned the felt to the dress. That way, I can remove them and, voila! the dress is machine washable.

And no party girl or Ruffle-icious is complete without a flower in the hair. I beheaded another poor silk flower and hot glued him to a Goody barrette. Done!

There. Color me happy! You can't sew miles of pink tulle ruffles and not feel happy.


  1. um, that dress is to DIE FOR!!!
    if i wasn't so sew-tarded i'd make one!!
    just beeeeyoooootiful!

  2. The dress is gorgeous! Beatiful work.

  3. This is adorable!!! Ruffles do take time to sew- but they are FUN to sew and look so cool!! Thanks for visiting my blog :)