Friday, June 19, 2009

Painting for Daddy

Lots of painting happened today at our house. I used a piece of chipboard backing that came on some packaging as the background for this Father's Day card. It was fun scrunching up a paper towel and painting the chipboard green. Next, I painted a little orange around the border, and painted "dad" orange, then green on the edges.

Oh, and I also cut a thin strip from my Hambly overlay and painted its edges, too, then glued it in the center to separate the pictures. Of course I had to sew on it, too--around the photo edges.

I used my dime store dictionary again for this card (since "fatigue", "fatty", and "fatso" come right after my chosen words, I had to be selective in my cutting, ha ha). My friend, Lexi introduced me to using a dictionary on layouts. If you want a real treat, please visit her wonderful blog. She has so many incredible ideas. Check out this post to see the sweet banner she just finished.

My favorite thing about this card is the photos are inside some baseball trading cards I got at Staples. It makes it look a little extra special and finished, but didn't translate well on the pictures. If they look a little fuzzy/cloudy, it's because they are inside of these. In person, I think it makes them look pretty fabulous, like they are behind glass. Oooh!

More painting . . . Ian and Lilly each painted pictures for daddy. Yes, they are painting sans shirts. Tummies wash much better!

A little paint on the nose. LOVE this photo.

It bothers Lilly a LOT to have messy hands. "Wash hands, mama?" I'm working on her -- I want my children to be okay with making messes and experiencing things.

Here's a tip. We eat our weight in yogurt in this house. I've started buying these Hiland yogurts. They are the perfect size for holding paint, becoming bug houses, scooping rice, making an instrument, you name it.

Happy Father's Day, everyone.


  1. Wow this is awesome! Very creative:) Great Father's Day gift!
    Thanks for playing at 2S4Y!
    Laura & Kazan

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Your card is beautiful, what a great idea and I love the pictures!
    Have a great weekend :)

  3. Very cute frame! Great way to use it for a sketch challenge! :) Mona

  4. perfectly lovely! love, love, love it!! such cute pics, too!

  5. oh so nice! I like it, love that your card has pics! awesome job!

    Clouds :D

  6. what a great idea! Love what you did with the sketch and the pics of the kid painting is adorable!

  7. Fun Father's Day project and delightful blogging! Thanks for stopping by my little bit of cyberspace :^D

  8. WOW--
    Thanks for linking my blog! See, I'm downstairs able to comment--weird I tell you! Excited for your week ahead!!

  9. I love the picture of the painted fingers. magical.

  10. Oh I *love* your card it`s fabulous TFS:) x

  11. love your card!
    Thank you,

  12. Fabulous and arty; love this :)