Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Does this mean my sanitation worker doesn't like me?

I get home from Wal-Mart and have to drive over the curb and part-way into the grass to get around our trash dumpster -- right smack in the CENTER of our driveway.

Note the neighbors' dumpster, across the street, neatly returned to the side of their driveway.

Now, I wouldn't really blame him if he didn't like us. I mean, there are times our trash stu-uuhh-innkkksss! What, with Lilly's diapers and all, if I were him, I think I'd be TRYING to lose our business.

Speaking of Wal-Mart, it seems every time I go I hear a new, eloquent phrase spoken that's worth repeating.

Last week, it was this . . .
In the parking lot, a mother to her teenage son:
"Now you're soundin' like your daddy. He's always sayin', 'I drive better drunk than sober.'"

Today it was . . .
Somewhere in the refrigerated meats, a brother to his sister: "I aint in the ham! Why you be lookin' for me in the ham?"

And what does it mean when a good portion of your childrens' daily lunches can be purchased in what is categorized as the "Quick Snacks" frozen section of Wal-Mart (chicken nuggets, for example)?

Guilty as charged.

Sheesh. Funky trash, Wal-Mart, chicken nuggets. This is definitely my most PWT post to date.

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  1. I knew that whole 'paying our bills on time and never missing a pick-up' was gonna come back to bite us somehow...