Friday, June 5, 2009

Every Once in Awhile

. . . God grants me a day with so much goodness in it that it seems too much for one day. Yesterday was one of those.

It started with the kids sleeping until almost 9 a.m. I could stop now and, enough said. Ian wanted his Buzz costume on immediately. He and Lilly, decked out in her "prin-ce-ezzz" nightgown had breakfast on the porch (thankful for a cool June day).

Later in the morning, we played in the backyard -- the usual -- swingset and an edge-of-your-seat game of dragons complete with foam swords. I got to be the dragon. Evil knights, BEWARE!

And then . . . a precious lunch picnic on a blanket under the trees. Lying down together and looking up at the trees and sky, closing our eyes and listening to the sounds, lots of hugs and kisses, enjoying being together.

Then playing Star Wars, before dinner . . .
Mama (as Princess Leia): You saved me! How can I ever repay you?
Ian (as Obi-Wan): You could take us to the movie theater to see "Up."
He proceeded to place all his SW guys neatly together, watching "Up."

Moving on, t-ball practice last night was a riot. Ian, pitching, kept scrambling for every grounder hit with the boy playing shortstop. When Ian finally captured the ball, instead of throwing immediately to first base, he turned and faced his players, yelling with glee at the sky: "I GOOOTTTT IIITTTT!!!!"

So much goodness. So many memories. When children are this little, the days are long but the years are short.

Check back tomorrow for a d-i-y weekend project to do with your kiddos. Ian and I worked on one today under the trees after lunch.

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  1. So sweet! And the cool thing is, these memories will be woven into their memories too. :)
    Also, if we are going to silly string the blond jogger, I want old-school looking t-shirts, with a simple picture of a nut (walnut) cracker on the front. No words necessary.