Monday, June 22, 2009

Vintage Heirloom

Lilly's great-grandmother, Frieda, gave Lilly this baby doll bed Saturday at our family Father's Day celebration. Frieda's father made it for her when she was about Lilly's age. Treasure.

And Frieda and her daughter (Lilly's grandmother) neatly stitched a new sheet for the bed.

Within two minutes the bed was full of Larry Boy, baby dolls and Star Wars figures, much to Frieda's delight.

[Rebekah is flying the friendly skies this evening to hear her dad speak at the Southern Baptist Convention in Louisville, KY on Wednesday; therefore, Nathan is publishing this post; therefore-therefore, any and all errors belong entirely to him]

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  1. You've hijacked the blog...intimidated by your wife's creativeness.
    It was bound to happen :)