Friday, June 26, 2009

Capture the memory of your child's playful imagination and encourage his pre-writing/reading skills with this fun, easy project.

Tell your child you'd like to make a book together. All he has to do is what he always does -- make up a story and act it out with his toys. Take a picture of each scene as you go along, and write down word-for-word your child's description of what is happening.

Print the photos (my printer was low on ink so the pics turned out sickly, but Ian didn't notice), and let your child help cut and glue them to each page in the book.

Ask him for a title to his story. Try your best not to make suggestions! Let the ideas in this book be totally his. Enjoy reading the story over and over together and save it forever as a memory of your child's thoughts and interests.

Other book ideas . . .

Encourage number sense and recognition
Group your child's toys into certain numbers and take photos of each grouping. Draw a giant number on the left side page and glue the photo of that number of objects on the right side page. Example: left side: [3], right side: [Text reads, "Ian has 3 Power Rangers" under photo of the Power Rangers.] For young preschoolers, stick to numbers 1-10.

Encourage alphabet memorization
Follow the same steps as in the number book, using letters instead on the left side and a photo of an object starting with that letter on the other side. Example: left side: [S], right side: [text reads, "Superman" under photo of Superman]. Variation: help your child find magazine pictures of things starting with certain letters. Your child can cut them out and glue into the book on the correct pages.


  1. What a great idea! I don't have any kidlets of my own yet, but when I do - this is definitely something I want to do with them!

  2. I have to say. . . I didn't even read this post (yet...I will I will...sheesh!), but I DID find my sewing maching pedal/cord... So, or should I say "sew". . .it is time to get my craft on. And then maybe, when I'm done over-using the ". . ." we shall have a Craft-Off. We should maybe include some of our mutual bloggy friends. Maybe when Ms. Zurface-Linn returns to blogging at the end of summer. hmm...

  3. This is such a fun summer project idea. i just love it. i will be working on one with each of my kids this week. Thanks for the tip!