Friday, June 12, 2009

Capt{IAN} America Flies

Today you learned to swing all by yourself, without a push.
And you might as well have learned to fly.
No dinner, no stopping, all evening.
Fly, sweetheart. Fly.

Remember this post, when Spider Man went Captain America? It was the day Ian and I worked hard to transform his Spidey suit into Captain America. Well, guess what? My college roommate from back-in-the-day at U of A saw it on my blog and mailed Ian this hand-me-down Captain America suit her boys had outgrown.

picture design by Nathan -- isn't he the greatest?

And he's hardly removed it since Wednesday when it arrived. My son is in love. With Captain America. And now with my college roommate, too.

Ian to me: Your friend was pretty nice to send me this Captain America suit, wasn't she mama?
And then he said this bit of sweetness: We need to send her a princess costume to thank her."

Don't expect a princess costume anytime soon, Pam, but isn't he a gem?


  1. I am officially addicted to your fun & oh-so-creative blog.

  2. Not even a paper-crafted princess crown? Sad! :)

  3. I love the CaptIAN America picture--very cute. I'm so glad Ian is enjoying his costume!!!

  4. I love those pictures!