Friday, June 5, 2009

Treasure found. After telling mom my plans for this project, she brought me this bit of loveliness: my mamaw's container full of neatly wrapped embroidery thread on cardboard, and--I LOVE THIS--poker cards my grandmother cut for this purpose.

How vintage is this, bloggies?

My diy weekend challenge for you is to buy a bit of burlap (I bought 1/2 yard for $1.50), a couple plastic kid-safe needles, grab an embroidery hoop, and let your child create. Okay, so Ian isn't going to be a master embroiderer. He's 100% boy, for sure. But, I kept his interest quite awhile because I let him sit in my lap while I guided his hand with every stitch. That bit of mama time was special for the both of us.

And maybe he'll be one of those guys who can sew on his own buttons and iron his own shirts. If so, I'll know I've done my job. Agree?

Ian's concentration face (I make the same face when I concentrate):

All done. "IAN" added by me. Ian: Mama, can we play dragons now?

Lilly was itchin' to get her hands on this project. She loves to craft, craft, craft! Try this with your child this weekend. Sit on a blanket with them under the trees. Just BE.

One last thing . . . special thanks to Patter Cross for choosing my project as the winning entry for her Punch Organizer contest. See my entry here and Patter's announcement here. You made my day!


  1. What a fun idea! My kids would love this:)

  2. congratulations!! i love your creativity and your do it yourself instructions. please, consider me the lowest common denominator when it comes to paper crafting when i ask this question. What exactly was that that you made? was it a scrap book page? an element for a page? i am scrapbook illiterate (well, all paper crafts illiterate)...but it looked fabulous. :)