Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blankets and Beanies

Have you heard of Craft Hope? Jade and her team are doing an amazing job improving the lives of many, many children around the world. Right now they are collecting baby blankets, beanies, and booties for newborn babies in three different villages of India.

When Ian and Lilly got to bed tonight, I started to work. I used two old maternity t-shirts (won't be needing those ever again) to make four newborn beanies. Download Amanda Soule's pattern for turning t-shirts into beanies here. SUPER easy.

Then, I made a quick quilt, sewing three long strips of different fabrics together for one side, then attaching it to the soft minky fleece goodness for the backside.

My box is ready to send. It feels good to help a sweet, new baby stay warm. Check out Craft Hope for yourself and make another baby warm! Thanks!!

Now, a Father's Day idea . . .

I made this tie cake for Nathan's first Father's Day (2005). It's easy to do and your children can help you decorate. Since Ian was only 2.5 mos. old at the time, I was on my own.

Buy a ready-made pound cake. Use a mega serrated knife to cut angles on the sides (you can chow these--won't need 'em). Also cut two triangles to make the bottom of the tie. Attach these two triangles to the top with toothpicks to make the knot of the tie. Ice cake. Use Fruit by the Foot and icing gel for stripes.

Place in a box resembling a tie box.
(any ideas on how to make a flip-flops cake? my man's more flip-flops than tie guy now)

One last, totally unrelated, severely creepy thing . . .
Check out what Nathan found on our driveway tonight. Not sure if I'll get much sleep tonight!!!
(is it weird that we wanted to capture it?)


  1. oh i love the colors in the blankets and beanies! thank you so much for joining craft hope. and that cake! aack! too cute for words. i am totally going to make that. now if i can just figure out what to get him for fathers day...

  2. is that a black widow? Where is it now? ugh. We have them all over our yard in So. Cal.

  3. Beautiful baby items... can't wait to get mine finished. Isn't Craft Hope an awesome thing?

  4. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! I have you in my reader now and love all your ideas! Cute beanies and blankets!!!

  5. Okay, LOVE the blankets, beanies, and cake but I could have done without the spider. LOL! I have a HUGE bug phobia. :)

  6. hi rebekah! just received your blanket and beanies today in my first craft hope mailings. they are even more adorable in person. thank you so much. they will be loved!