Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Counting Quarters

One of the most effective things we've tried as parents has been to reward Ian for doing chores. When we started this, I bought a cute chore chart to proudly hang on the fridge, with each star representing a chore done and quarter earned. With my trusty chart, I was eager to begin molding him into the perfect, household law-abiding, star-earning child.

Forget it. Ian could have cared less if he earned a star on that thing.

Soooo . . . Nathan came up with plan B:
  • Get jar.
  • Ian places actual quarter in jar each time he completes a job (taking plate to sink/setting table/cleaning room at bedtime).

Ian came on board with this idea when he found something he really, really wanted, and we pulled out the ole', "You're gonna have to earn your quarters to get that." Sha-ZAMMM!

Tonight was toy store night. It's fun to help Ian count his quarters into groups of four, and it reinforces good money concepts, too. He's a jewel at the toy store -- has come to understand the limits of his minuscule income (the kid can't save worth a hoot--but what 4 year-old can?), and willingly gives God 10% in his offering envelope.

Too bad God doesn't take Chuck E. Cheese tickets and tokens. We'd be sooooo set!

Come back tomorrow to see a cutie patootie project I'm working on!

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