Wednesday, June 3, 2009

For Baby Nora

This may be my favorite baby quilt so far. I made it with much love and prayers for Baby Nora, heading back to Asia with her parents after several months home in the U.S. They are missionaries doing their best to make the world a better place. We will miss you!

Fabric is from Denyse Schmidt's Katie Jump Rope collection. Sooo happy and fun -- gotta love the yellow and orange everywhere! I hope it makes you smile, too, sweet Nora.


  1. Hi Rebekah -
    Thanks for visiting NinjaWoman. I love surprise readers!

    This quilt is just lovely. I'm very into yellow at the moment and there's such a happy brightness in it. Well done.

    I liked your fox post too. I, also, would want to feed it. It seemed so sweet. But I think you were wise not to. Still .... aw.

  2. Ok. Back to being able to post a comment.
    When are you going to make an adult size for me? I LOVE all the orangeness in this one! Esp that pattern with the orange-hued dots. Gonna have to grab me some of that goodness! You get it at She's Crafty?

  3. Hey Lexi --
    Not She's Crafty this time. I loaded up at Jackman's in STL on my last trip. They had pretty much every Katie Jump Rope that exists. I sat in the floor for about an hour deciding! I wanted one of everything. LOVE Jackman's. Let's open our own fabric spot local someday, okay?

    Anna very well may have it at She's Crafty, though. She carries some of that line.

  4. Now see...I've never met Nora, but I do know her mama and her papa. And I got to see their relationship from the beginning. Or, before the beginning (oh the college angst). So sweet to know that she will have a blanket to treasure, and one day her parents can relate how they were blanketed (ha) with prayers from their church family, etc. . .